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POINT is a collaborative volunteer platform that connects communities with local causes. POINT believes nonprofits need better tech now and in the future. As the vast majority of local nonprofits are led by women, POINT's mission is to provide local (women) leaders with the tech tools they need for free. They bring powerful, time-saving technology and people-power to support nonprofits. By centralizing local community needs, POINT can maximize support for local nonprofits and women leaders. POINT believes when you equip women, they lift their communities.

Connecting POINT and Kindful

To learn how to connect POINT and Kindful directly from your POINT account, click here.

To connect POINT, head to the Apps page in Kindful. Find the app card for POINT, and click Learn More.


Next, click Connect on the App overview page.


Using, oAuth, login with your POINT credentials to authenticate the app's connection to Kindful.


What Syncs?

The Kindful + POINT integration makes it simple to pass contacts back and forth between the two systems.

The Contacts Tab shows a list of all the contacts that are now shared between POINT and Kindful.

Whether you import a contact from Kindful or export a volunteer from POINT to Kindful, your full supporter contact list is here. Note: There will not be duplicate contacts since Kindful + POINT Integration seamlessly links duplicate contacts by matching a contact’s email address.

On this tab, contacts are given POINT statuses:

Internal: A volunteer is a part of your organization. The user has either accepted your invitation or they have requested to join your organization and you have accepted their request. Internal volunteers have access to view your organization’s private events.

Invite Sent: You invited the volunteer to join your organization. They have not yet created a POINT account or they have a POINT account under a different email than the one you invited them with.

Invite: These are contacts that have been imported from Kindful. Select the invite button to send them an email invitation to create a POINT account to volunteer with your organization.


Exporting POINT Data

To export POINT users to Kindful select the “Export Tab”. You’ll notice 2 status options listed on these contacts:

  • New:  Contacts in POINT that are not yet shared with KINDFUL.
  • Updated: Contacts whose information need to be reexported to Kindful to update (tagged as “Updated).

You can select all the users in the spreadsheet or select a few users you’d like to send from POINT to Kindful by selecting the box next to their name. Once users are selected, you can press the orange button that says “Export Contacts to Kindful”. Once exported, these contacts are stored in your Kindful database.

Along with contact information, POINT sends the following information on each volunteer to your Kindful database:

  • Total number of volunteer hours at the organization
  • Economic impact (monetary value of total volunteered hours)
  • Total donations to the organization on POINT
  • Total number of events volunteer signed up for
  • Total number of events volunteer has attended
  • Volunteer no show rate (signed up vs. attended)


Importing POINT 

The list of contacts on the Import tab are contacts that Kindful has not shared with POINT.

There are 2 types of statuses you’ll see:

  • New: Contact that exist in KINDFUL that do not yet exist in POINT
  • Updated: Contacts exist in both KINDFUL & POINT whose data needs to be reimported

You can select all the users in the spreadsheet or select a few users you’d like to import from Kindful to POINT by selecting the box next to their name. Once users are selected, you can press the Orange button that says “Import Contacts to POINT”.


Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can start a chat live chat with a team member found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account.

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