Bloomerang Payments vs. Stripe


This article talks about the basic differences between Bloomerang Payments and Stripe as a default payment gateway for your Kindful account.

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Bloomerang Payments vs. Stripe

Feature Bloomerang Payments* Stripe


CC: 2.9% + $.30 

ACH: 1% + $.30

CC: 2.9% + $.30*

ACH: unavailable

International Cards Yes, at no charge Additional 1% charge
Express Payment Options Apple Pay and Google Pay unavailable
ACH Included at 1% + $.30 rate unavailable
Backend Technology Powered by Stripe Powered by Stripe
Card Updating Services Kindful will update expiring cards at no additional charge Stripe can update, but with a fee per successful update
Refunds Can be performed in Kindful only Can be performed in Kindful or in Stripe directly
Transaction Fee Reporting Find transactions linked to a Payout, export out gross amounts, and subtract fees on entire deposit Find transactions linked to a Payout, export out gross amounts, and subtract fees on entire deposit. See fees per transaction in Stripe Dashboard

* Processing fees apply to the total transaction volume which includes the optional donor covered fee.

Note: Kindful never has access to nor stores credit card information; we only store what are called "tokens" to the card data so we can access those to process transactions. This will be stored in your payment gateway's secure vault. In contact profiles where donations have been made in the past, you will see the saved card that can be used for a recurring donation or to charge later. However, at no point does Kindful have access to the full credit card data.

My Payments Have Stopped Depositing to My Bank. Why?

Sometimes your account requires additional validation. If you are using Bloomerang Payments, head to the Payment Gateway Settings page and click on the Settings for Bloomerang Payments. Login and finish your account setup and verification.

If you are using Stripe Standard, you will want to connect with Stripe directly. We can see if your your Stripe account is restricted, and this commonly would mean that you will need to login at and verify some of your organization's identification details.

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