Issue Donation Receipts Retroactively


Issuing donation receipts (via email or print) after a donation is made and entered into Kindful, whether manually by an Admin or synced in via integration, can be done in a couple of ways in Kindful. 

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Create a Template

The first step is to be sure you have a Template created. Follow the steps in our Creating Email/Letter Templates Help Center article to ensure you have a template. Depending on how you wish to receipt these donations (either in Bulk or Individually) will dictate the Template Type that is going to be created. 

Create a template that is set as Type: Acknowledgement if you wish to thank gifts in bulk. Use the Type: Transaction and Non Cash Gift Receipt if you wish to generate these individually from the Activities page. 

Read on for further instructions on each type.

Enter the Transactions

Add the transactions into your Kindful account as needed. Add gifts using the+ Add New button.


Bring in donations via the Import Tool.


Additionally, transactions can sync in via an integration like Classy, Stripe, or QuickBooks.

Receipt in Bulk (Acknowledgements)

When you have a large batch of transactions that are already in Kindful and you wish to send a thank you receipt email or letter to these, use our Acknowledgements Tool. This is best used in cases when you have either manually entered a handful of Transactions in Kindful, Transactions have synced into Kindful via an integration, or Transactions have been added to Kindful in bulk via the Import Tool.


Receipt Individually (Activities)

You can receipt a donation retroactively by finding the Transaction on the Activities page, expanding the options, and choosing to either Email or Print the corresponding receipt. The receipt generated will pull from the Transaction and Non Cash Gift that is set either as the default template on the linked Campaign, or as the default template for the organization (if no default template is set on the Campaign level).


To be able to Email the receipt, the contact must have an Email Address on their contact profile. Printing the Receipt will open up a PDF in a new window for you to print off and give to your donor.


When A Donor Cannot Receive an Emailed Receipt 

A donor must have an email on file to be able to receive a receipt. An email is required when a donation is made online, but going back and resending an email receipt from the Activities page will be impacted if the donor has no email on their profile.

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