Add In-Kind (Non-Cash) Transactions


Enter a non cash gift or in-kind transaction using the steps in this article.

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Editing a Transaction

How To Add Non-Cash (In Kind) Transactions

You can add new Transactions using the green + Add New button located in the upper left-hand corner of all Kindful pages. 


This modal will appear, and you will fill out each of the elements to complete the transaction entry. Read on for further information on what each element means and how to use them.



What The Elements Mean


To choose the contact to assign the donation to, begin typing in letters. After four (4) letters have been entered, suggestions will appear in the dropdown menu. Hover over the contact with your mouse, highlighting it in blue, and click to select.


If the contact has an email address on file, you will see a checkbox appear with an option to send the donor an email at the time of entry. This box is checked by default. You will see an option to add an email to this contact to send a receipt if the contact does not have one on file.



Click to choose a Campaign assignment for the donation entry from a dropdown menu. The campaign you choose will control the Default Fund (found in the Advanced Options) as well as the Custom Field options.



This is the gift date. We recommend using the date that the donor indicates on their donation (e.g. the date written on the check).




This is the assessed value of the in kind contribution.



Use this field to define what the contribution consisted of. This can be used on receipts generated to the non-cash donor. Only this text will be generated, not the amount


Additional Fields

Set additional fields like Appraiser Name here.


Filtering and Reporting

Filtering for the activities you enter is done via the Activities page. You can use the Basic Search along the top of the page to create a custom view. Filter for "Activity Type: Non-Cash Gifts".

From here, you can Create Custom Reports.


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