Differentiate Donations and Payments Based on How They Are Collected


There are many ways you can receive donations. Kindful offers many paths to properly differentiate payments that come during these times so you can identify and acknowledge them appropriately (e.g. a donation vs. an auction item vs. another source). Read on for some best practices to help differentiate.

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Connected to an Integration

Many times, you will see transactions (e.g. auction items) come into Kindful via an integration. Oftentimes, these are the easiest to locate in your Kindful account. Trying to find these transactions can be done using the Transactions Linked filter from the Activities page. You can start with that filter, and then the list of linked applications will appear in the menu to choose from. 


Then, when creating a report, you will see options to export the data that relates to the application that was connected. This will be valuable to help determine where these came from via an export.


This can be a very reliable method when dealing with external data as it is controlled by the connected application in this case.

Use a Campaign

Another way to track these is by using a Campaign. The benefit here is that you as the Admin can control the Campaign being used, and you can also edit the Campaign after a transaction has been entered into Kindful. This is helpful as it allows you to control the format and style/naming of the transaction.

We find this to be the most commonly used scenario as not all of our Kindful users will integrate a third-party application, but rather will just import the data or add it manually into their Kindful account. Tracking by this method is very reliable.

Use a Custom Field

You may not want to create multiple Campaigns in Kindful that might make your list feel long. Using a Campaign Custom Field in this scenario can be of benefit as it will allow you the ability to manually edit each transaction and apply a custom label.

Campaign Custom Field values must be set up on each Campaign used, and you are also limited to three of these values per Campaign. While they can provide good flexibility, they can present other limitations that the other options may avoid.

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