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The following is a list of frequently asked questions about the PayPal integration.

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If a donor chooses a campaign in the beginning of the giving process, it will follow through to the end? 

Yes, if checking out via a Kindful giving page, the Campaign selected will be attached to the donation.

Also, in the PayPal donor flow, does the donor return to the Kindful widget after the authorization process in PayPal? 

Yes, they will after authorizing the PayPal payment.

What is the final thing the donor sees? How does it resolve at the end? 

The donor will be redirected back from PayPal to the Kindful page. If you have a success redirect URL set up, the donor will be passed to that page. Otherwise, the blue "Thank you for your donation" message will display at the top of the page.

Do you have an example/screen shot flow of the donor experience?


Will the PayPal option automatically show up in the online giving widget? Or are their additional steps to add that to the widget?

Currently, the PayPal option would not display on the Kindful donation plugin -- only the main donation pages.

Will the donor's information be pulled into Kindful? Name, address, email address? How will it look when it comes in? 

The PayPal option does not collect physical address, but will pass the name and email address into Kindful.

Can a person set up a recurring gift using PayPal? 


If we disable the PayPal gateway from our Kindful gateway settings, will it cancel the recurring gifts that process via PayPal?

It depends on where the recurrences were initiated. If the donor created the recurring donation in a PayPal account directly (outside of the Kindful giving page) and those donations sync in via the IPN, then they would not be cancelled. If they were setup via a Kindful donation page, then the schedule and recurrence would be removed.

If so, what does the back end management look like on the donor end AND on our admin end for recurring gifts? What can the donor control and what can the admin control?

If the recurring transaction is set up from a Kindful page, both you and the donor can edit or cancel the recurring transaction.

If a donor wants to log in to their Kindful account and adjust their giving via PayPal, can they do that there? Or will they have to cancel the PayPal recurring gift, and then set up a new one via the online widget? Essentially, what kind of editing power do they have?

The donor can edit their recurring transaction in Kindful, as long as they set it up on a Kindful page. If it was setup in PayPal directly, the donor would need to manage that from their PayPal account.

Are there any settings in PayPal that need to be turned off/on to make sure receipts only come from Kindful? 

If the payment is initiated from your Kindful page, Kindful will send an automatic receipt based on your receipting settings in Kindful.

Are there any adjustments we need to make to the receipting process on our end in Kindful? Or will it operate the same as giving coming in via Stripe? 

Operationally, everything will be the same. The only difference is that instead of entering credit card information, the donor would log in to their PayPal account to complete checkout.

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