Push Contacts from Kindful to Mailchimp


The sync between Kindful and Mailchimp is bidirectional by default. This means that contacts added to Mailchimp will come to Kindful, and contacts added to Kindful will move to Mailchimp.

This short article covers the unique process of setting up your integration so that it just pushes Contacts from Kindful to Mailchimp upon setup.

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The Initial Setup

Once connected (or prior to connecting in Kindful), you want to be sure that you have a unique List setup in Mailchimp for this purpose. This way, once you have set your default list in Kindful (shown below), as you create a group in Kindful, it will sync as a Tag to Mailchimp, housed within the default List. We recommend calling this List in Mailchimp something like "Kindful" or "Kindful List".

As long as you don't add contacts to the List in Mailchimp directly (e.g. via a signup form) then it should act as a one-way sync, and you should not have any unexpected contacts coming in through Mailchimp.

To setup your integration initially, head to the App Directory and locate the Mailchimp icon. Once connected, click on the green Edit Configuration button.

Of Note: You can still complete the other steps below if you have already connected.


Once connected, within the Edit Configuration page, choose Manage.


Click and drag the Green Mailchimp field blocks onto the corresponding white Kindful field blocks  to Update Mapping. Doing this step will set that particular Mailchimp Audience (your Kindful List) as able to be synced, and then you can mark it as your Default list for syncing.


When the Audience has been mapped, you have finished establishing the sync from Mailchimp to Kindful.  


Once this has been done, contacts will sync into the other application. However, with Mailchimp, the new Kindful contacts will only go into the specific "Kindful List" audience in Mailchimp, and new contacts added to the "Kindful List" in Mailchimp will sync to Kindful. 

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