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You can easily update a donor's credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) or bank (ACH routing and account number) payment information after a decline or when they receive a new payment method.

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The Use Case

When a donor's donation fails, Kindful will automatically alert the donor of this transaction failure. They do have the ability to update their own payment information (article is linked above in the Overview section). However, most of the time you will find yourself as a part of this equation to update the payment information. Follow the easy-to-use steps below to see how to do this.

Of Note: You may have times when donations fail to process for reasons that are not due to a direct decline. When using a Donation Plugin, donors must enter in their personal mailing address (if you are collecting contact information on the Plugin) as well as to verify their credit card billing address. 

Additionally, a donor may see a "Remove all white space" message when attempting to donate. In this case, the warning means that the donor has put an extra space in where it should not be, making the field invalid. This warning is only applied to the email field. For name and address, extra spaces are warranted. For the card or bank information, there is no option for extra spaces. The donor will want to ensure there is no blank space in front of or behind the email address. 

Updating Payment Info

To update a donor's payment method, head to their contact profile. Once there, click on the Payment Info tab across the top of the profile page.



Next, scroll to the Payment Methods section to find the payment method(s) that needs updating.


You have a couple of things you can update on an existing billing profile. You can change the billing address and also update the expiration date. To change the billing address, click on the Edit button within the Payment Method's block. Use the convenient option to copy the donor's address found on their profile if it is currently up to date.

Alternately, if you need to update the card's expiration date, click on the Update link found in red next to the "Expired" details.

The most common experience, though, is to fully Add a Payment Method. You can choose to Add a Card or Add a Bank Account. Doing this will require you have all of the details, including the credit card's CVV code.



Screen_Shot_2020-10-01_at_7.57.00_AM.png    Screen_Shot_2020-10-01_at_7.57.05_AM.png

Of Note: If you are updating a Payment Method that is tied to a Recurring Transaction, after adding the new payment method you will need to scroll to the Recurring Transactions section of the Payment Info tab and edit that particular recurring transaction to change the assigned billing profile.

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