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Use Kindful BCC to automatically track email communication between Admins and Contacts in Kindful. Track emails sent from any hosting provider, including Gmail and G-Suite. The following is a list of FAQs related to the feature.

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Who can use this feature?

Account Owner and Staff users of Kindful accounts are the only types that will have their email communications tracked.

What if I send to more than one address in the "TO" field?

If all emails in the TO field correspond to unique Kindful profiles, and the address is included in the BCC field, then all emails will create unique activities on each profile.

I sent an email with the subject line of "test" and nothing is posting. Why is that?

Be sure the messages you are sending are "real" messages. Avoid works like "test" or blank subject lines with little to no text. These will be detected by Mandrill as Spam, and will not post.

How long does it take for sent messages to appear as Notes in Kindful?

These should appear in real time in just a few seconds, much like an online donation.

What if multiple contacts share the same email address used in an email?

If there are multiple contacts with the same email address, then the Note is created on the contact with the oldest Join Date.

What if I email an Archived contact?

The contact will be un-archived and the Note will be appended to the profile. 

What if the email address does not find a match to a Contact in Kindful?

No note will be created.

Are replies from the contact tracked on their profile?

No note will be created when the contact replies. Only the sent messages from the Kindful Admin to the contact will be tracked.

What if I use the CC field to send to multiple contacts?

A Note will not be created for the contacts included in the CC field. All contacts must be included in the TO field to have Notes created on their profiles.

What if I forget to include in my email?

If you forget to include the bcc, then no note will be able to be created even if you forward the note to We advise making a manual note in this instance to track the email communication. 

Will attachments be added to Kindful Contact profiles if included in the email?


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