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Use the Report History page to view a list of all generated reports and mailings. If you create a report within the past two weeks, and want to revisit / This page is valuable in times such as when downloading a list of Acknowledgements, Kindful says the letters will be emailed.

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The Use Case

Every time you create a custom filter and click on Create Report to choose your columns and export your data, a new line item is created on your History page. Additionally, when you generate a task in Kindful and we tell you we will email you the file when it is ready (e.g. downloading a list of Letters via Acknowledgements or the Mail Merge functionality), this will also create a new line item on your History page.

This page is useful to go back in time if you have generated a report and either misplaced the download, or you find that the promised email has not delivered to your inbox in a timely fashion. This can happen due to environmental factors. Once you click the option to Download Letters (for example), we will begin the process of generating these in the background. When that file is ready, we will email you a link to download it; however, there are things that can get in the way of a timely receipt of that email.


Using the History Page

When you visit the History page in Kindful, you will notice a list of all recent reports generated and/or downloaded from your user. You will see the following:

  • A Generated At timestamp when it was generated
  • The Name of the report or mailing
  • URL to the report preview (Mailings and PDF views cannot be viewed via link here)
  • Links to re-generate and download the CSV Report and/or PDF Report

Downloading the files will perform just as it does on the Report Preview page; it will download right in your browser.


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