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Use Kindful BCC to automatically track email communication between Admins and Contacts in Kindful. Track emails sent from any hosting provider, including Google (Gmail and G-Suite).

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What Is It?

Bring all contact interactions including donations, call notes, pledges, soft credits, email marketing stats, and now personal emails into one place. Kindful BCC is a solution that allows for the easy tracking of email communication between contacts in your Kindful account and your Admin users. This feature will not take into account any additional variables like email client (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo), so that makes it universal in its application.


Kindful BCC will automatically import the emails sent to your Kindful contacts when you include in the BCC line of your email.

All of your organization Admins will have the option to see these communications that have been sent. 

Of Note: Only "Account Owner" and "Staff" level Admin users can have their emails tracked.

How to Connect Kindful BCC

Head to AppsApp Directory and locate Kindful BCC (image above). If you do not see this app, please contact our Care Team using the link at the bottom of this article.

Even though there is no formal connection that takes place like it does with Mailchimp, you can still find details about the feature here. Simply taking the steps as described in this article when sending emails to make the feature work is all that is required. 

How Kindful BCC Works

When an Admin sends an email and includes in the BCC line of the email client, an Activity will be created on the contact's Kindful profile. 


Here is a use case of how the feature works:

Your organization's Executive Director emails a top donor (John Doe) from her Google hosted account. She includes on the BCC line. When a different organization team member logs into Kindful, he sees the email that the Executive Director sent to John Doe on John Doe's Kindful contact profile in his list of Activities. Now the organization team member has all of the context needed in order to have a meaningful conversation with John Doe.

Of NoteThe Kindful Admin sending the BCC email must use the email address that is the same as their Kindful username. This means if your Kindful login is, you must send the email to be tracked from your email account.

What Does the Data Look Like in Kindful? 

The main place Admins will be able to see the information regarding these emails is on the Activities page in Kindful; each email sent creates a new "Note".

The Notes created will have the following fields:

  • Note Type
  • Subject - The subject line of the email sent
  • Date - The date the email was received
  • Sender Name - The Admin user that sent the email
  • Sender Email - The email address of the Admin user that sent the email
  • Message Body - The content of the email sent


Using the Kindful BCC feature will create "Email Received" activities in a Contact profile much like they are created for other emails that are received and opened by contacts.


To find these Email Notes created by the Kindful BCC filter, use the "Notes Linked" filter on the Activities page.


Emails that are sent to are routed through Mandrill (by Mailchimp), our trusted third-party for transactional email processing. Only select Kindful staff have access to this service, and Mandrill will keep email information for up to 30 days before deleting it -

Additionally, email content will be retained on our web request logs for up to 30 days, and in rare cases (if an error occurs), our third-party error tracking service until the issue has been resolved.

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