Use Crowdfunding for a Virtual Live Event


Use Kindful's Crowdfunding feature to host a virtual live event. Share a link to a live stream on YouTube on your Crowdfunding page to engage with your donors in real-time. 

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Use Cases

You may want to host an event and invite people who live outside of your community to be a part of, or you may just want to have an entirely virtual event.

If you set up a live stream on YouTube, you can link to it directly using a Kindful Crowdfunding page and you can attract donations while your contacts are streaming your event.

You can have your event streaming on the page and have a description of what you're raising money for along with a donation option and a list of recent donors.

How to Set It Up

You will need to first create a Crowdfunding Campaign. You can piggy back off of an existing one, or create a new one. You will need to create a Team page as well.

Create your team page. We recommend creating this team page to represent your organization.

Of Note: This is also a best practice for regular crowdfunding campaigns as you can direct donors here so all donations are tracked using the progress tracking tools we provide within the Crowdfunding module.


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