Gateway Response: An Error Occurred Fetching the Transaction Code


When using as your connected gateway to receive online donations, you may receive the error code "Gateway Response: An Error Occurred Fetching the Transaction Code". 

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What Does This Mean?

You may find a declined transaction in your Kindful account with the error code: "Gateway Response: An Error Occurred Fetching the Transaction Code". This is an error code you should expect to see only if connected to

This error code pertains to the connected customer profile in directly, and it appears when the customer record is missing in When's authorization expires (which is different from the card expiration date), it can delete the customer record inside of This can explain why a customer record could be missing, even though you and your staff didn't delete them.

What Can I Do To Fix This?

When the customer record is missing, you will see this error in Kindful; however, no there is no need for concern. The steps you need to take in cases like these are similar to those you would if the card expired or the donor received a different decline error - contact the donor and have them update or add a new payment method.

In this case, once they update or add the payment method to process their transaction, the customer will be recreated in

Other Gateway Responses

Customer Profile ID or Customer Payment Profile ID not found

This error means that the customer profile linked with the payment method (credit card, ACH account information) has been deleted in does this when the payment method is invalidated, expired, etc. 

In this case, we recommend that you reach out to the donor to have them update their payment method in order to continue their donations.

This transaction cannot be processed

This response is more tied to the actual gateway, so it is advised to check with first.  We recommend confirming that CIM has been enabled in You can also verify in Kindful that there is an active payment method on the donor's contact profile (in their Payment Info section) and that the attempted donation amounts are "real" and do not feel like a test amount (e.g. $1).

The VITAL identification numbers are incorrect. Call Merchant Service Provider.

You should check your account for more information on these errors. There might be an issue with your credentials in Kindful, but following up with the Support team at will be your best resource for how to solve the gateway response that they sent you.

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