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Use the Connected Apps section in Kindful to view connected applications and see the data sent in their related API calls.

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Where to Find This Data

All of your Connected Apps live in your AppsConnected Apps page in your Kindful account.


When you visit this page, you will see a list of all of the connected apps, along with the date it was initially connected and an option to view the requests.


When viewing the requests on a particular app, you will see if there are any pending requests along the top, and then you will see specific import jobs in the table along the bottom. You can see if and how many contacts and transactions were either created or updated.




Reading the Information

Clicking into a particular Job ID (the link on the far left of the table shown in the section above) will present you with a Summary of the job. This will vary based on the application connected. For example, some applications send in data via an import job via CSV, so some of the details will read as "null".

In other scenarios, you will be able to parse the information like First Name, Last Name, Email, Match By, Amount in Cents, etc.


Connecting An App

Connecting a new Custom App can be done from your Kindful account when the feature has been enabled. Once you have this feature enabled, head to AppsCustom Apps and choose the option to Create a new application.


On the New Custom App page, give the application a "Name". The name is simply what will be used in Kindful as well as in the External ID fields that are created when records are imported into Kindful via the API.

The Description field is an internal description for your organization on what the custom app you are creating does. You can put whatever you want here. 


Finding Your Application Key/Token

Once you have created a New Custom Application, you can click on the Manage Application link from the App overview page. From here, click on Manage Credentials to view.


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