Updating Your Kindful Account After a Name or Domain Change


Your organization may have made a change to your company name or organization name and with that, to your website and domain. Not only will you want to update your account login credentials to use updated emails, you will want to update spots inside of Kindful. 

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Places to Update

If your organization has made an update to your name, or has simply changed the domain from one URL to another, you will need to update a handful of places like your General Settings, the Reply-To Email Address, Scheduled Reports, and Admin Users. 

For example, you change from seaturtles.org to seaturtlefoundation.org, you would want to make this change.

Included below are a few links to places in Kindful where you'll want to update your account name, email addresses, and links to your website.






Also, if you'd like to change your Kindful subdomain from "seaturtles" to "seaturtlefoundation", and we have that subdomain available, our Care Team can execute that change for you on the back end.

If you do make this change, please keep in mind that all public-facing links to donation pages, plugins, etc. will need to be updated as quickly after the change as possible, to minimize the amount of time with broken links to the old subdomain. 

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