Understanding Template Types


You can classify each template created for a particular purpose. This article explains each of those.

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Template Types and Use Cases

Acknowledgement (Printed or Emailed)

This type is available for printed letters and emails generated via the Acknowledgements tool. Classify this template so it can be selected when configuring a new Acknowledgement list. This type can be either emailed or printed.

Solicitation / Newsletter / Marketing (Printed)

These types play directly with a contact's communication preferences on their profile. Admins have the ability to set these preferences, and the preferences control whether or not a contact will be included on a mailing generated via the standard Mail Merge process.

If you generate a mailing that is set as one of these three types, and a contact is included on the filtered list that has that corresponding preference de-selected, they will be skipped when the letter is generated.

For example, if you run a filter for all contacts who donated in 2020 and you want to send them a Marketing type template and the below contact example is on your list, they will be skipped because they have opted out of Marketing mail.

This applies to all three of the types listed above (Solicitation, Newsletter, Marketing).


Custom / Thank You Letter (Printed)

This template type is used to generate letters via the Mail Merge process, but it does not adhere to any other preferences. Any contact who has a mailing address and is not deceased will be generated on a Custom or Thank You Letter.

Pledge Receipt (Emailed)

This is an emailed receipt that is sent automatically when a donor completes an online pledge, which is much like an online donation. These receipts are set on a per-campaign basis on the campaigns' settings page.


Expiring Card Notification (Emailed)

When you have donors who have stored billing methods in Kindful, when the card is set to expire, the donor will get an email notifying them that the card is going to expire along with a link to update the billing profile.  They will get this notification only once, 60 days before the card is set to expire.



You do not have to set any template for this action to happen, but if you prefer to customize it, you can create a template that is an Expiring Card Notification.

This is set for use in Settings > Fundraising Settings > Transaction Settings.


Registration Receipt (Emailed)

Use this type to send automatic emails to contacts who fill out a Registration Form. You can create as many of these as needed, so you can have a unique Registration Receipt per Registration Form. These are set in the Configure window for your Registration Forms. 


Birthday Message (Emailed)

This is an automatic email that will be sent to any contact record that has both an email address and a birthdate on their contact profile. So when their birthday happens, if they have an email, and you have a Birthday Message configured, the contact will receive this message. 

Recurring Donation Receipt (Emailed)

When a donor uses a standard Kindful giving page to create a new recurring donation, and they set it to be on a day that is not today, this template will be sent to them automatically. This type is an acknowledgement of the fact the donor has made the commitment to make a future donation.

For example, if a donor sets up a recurring donation on June 10th to run on the 15th of each month, since no transaction is taking place, the Recurring Donation Receipt would be used on that day. 

These can be set on the Campaign level as well as in your Transaction Settings.

Transaction & Non-Cash Gift Receipt (Emailed or Printed via "Print Receipt" on Activities page)

This is the most commonly used template type. Use this template type to set up automatic receipting for all online donations received.

These can be set on the Campaign level as well as in your Transaction Settings.

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