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Getting the most out of your fundraising campaigns has never been easier. Start boosting your donations with Donorbox and Kindful, powered by Zapier.

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Connecting Donorbox and Kindful


To connect Donorbox and Kindful, you will utilize Zapier. Zapier is an online tool that can connect two independent applications that do not have a direct integration already created. Use Zapier to automate repetitive tasks without relying on developers to build an integration. For example, Kindful connects directly to QuickBooks and Mailchimp; however, we do not connect directly to Donorbox, so we use a powerful tool like Zapier to do that part.

You will need to create an account with Zapier. Once you are logged in, click on Make a Zap.

Look up Donorbox and select it as your Trigger App.

Setting Triggers

The first trigger that you need to choose is New Donor.

Click Save + Continue, and connect with Zapier. Your username will be your login email previously created, and your API Key can be found at this link.

When your connection is successful, your Trigger will be ready.

Connecting Zapier to Kindful

The next step will be to connect with Kindful. Kindful is not a public option on Zapier, so you will need an invitation. The invitation can be found here.

Use your Kindful login to connect with and authorize Zapier.

Choosing An Action

The next step after you have successfully connected is to choose the Action.

Of Note: A trigger in Donorbox should result in an action in Kindful.

There are several Actions to choose in Kindful:

  • Create or Update Person Contact
  • Create or Update Organization Contact
  • Create Transaction for Person Contact 
  • Create Transaction for Organization Contact

For this connection, we will be using only two of these actions: Create or Update Person Record and Create Transaction for Person Contact.

Create or Update Person Record

You can select Create or Update Person Record, and then update the Template.

You can add as many information points as you need on the Template.

The main points are:

  • Source Name: Donorbox  
  • First Name, Last Name and Email need to be collected from Donorbox.
  • There are other parameters that you can choose to get more info into Kindful such as address, birthday, or employer.

After completing editing and testing, you can name your  Zap and turn it on. This will automatically create a new contact in Kindful every time a new donor is created.

Create Transaction for Person Record

Every new donation in Donorbox will be a transaction in Kindful. Following the same steps as before, now the Donorbox trigger will be New Donation

The Action coming into Kindful will Create (a) Transaction for Person Contact(s).

Follow the same steps as before to fill out the template. This time, you will need the same information as before plus an amount donated. A new transaction will be created to record the amount and also update or create the contact.

Now you can see your donations from Donorbox and find important insightful information about your donors and campaigns in Kindful. 

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