Finding First Time Donors


This article explains how to run a report for first time donors in your Kindful account.

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How To Filter for First Time Donors

There are two main filters and one additional beneficial filter that can be used to find first time donors. This list is created on the Activities page.

Use these three filters: 

  • First Transaction - This is an Activity filter that pulls a list of all first transactions in Kindful that have been entered. If you only use this filter, you may find contacts who have more than one gift on their profile, though.
  • Lifetime Transaction Count: 1 - This is a Contact filter (Contact filters can be used on the Activities page) that pulls a list of any contact (and their corresponding donations since you're filtering on the Activities page) who has only donated one time to your organization.
  • Prior Month - This will put a time frame on the list you are creating. You could also choose "Prior Quarter", "Prior Year", or even "After Date".


Exporting the Data

To export this information, use our standard Create Report option. We recommend (at least) these columns to be selected for this export:

Activity Columns

  • Amount
  • Date Created
  • Campaign

Contact Columns

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Lifetime Gift Amount
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