Understanding Email Status Activities


You may see that a contact received the "Monthly Receipt Outreach", has a "Hard Bounce", or has multiple "Opened an email" activities on their profile. 

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A General Understanding

There are two statuses that will be present in an account that relates to the emails that are sent out automatically from Kindful (e.g. a transaction receipt). 

Opened an email

This description is literal and it is telling you that the email was opened this many times, not received this many times. If you see multiple activities of this, it means the recipient opened it multiple times. 

Monthly Receipt Outreach

This is not a separate email that gets sent to donors. It is a summary activity you will see on a profile, which means that in the past month, the donor received and opened one or more receipt emails. In case a donor has multiple gifts per month, this will summarize the fact that they received at least one transaction receipt.


We can also display if a recipients email was either Soft Bounced or Hard Bounced. If it is a soft bounce, the email will attempt to deliver again on the next transaction. If it is a hard bounce, the email will not be attempted again in the future, as it has been identified as a bad email address.

Taking Action on Hard Bounced Emails (and their updated status)

When a donor's email hard bounces from on an automatic email sent from the Kindful system (e.g. a Transaction Receipt), their Email Deliverable communication preference automatically gets changed to "No". You can filter these contacts out if you wish.

Head to the Contacts page and filter "Email Deliverable: No". This will present a list of the contacts whose status is set to No. 


You can use the Bulk Edit tool to update these to "Yes" if you wish, but that will not change their actual deliverability.

Alternately, to find the emails that bounced, you can filter on the Activities page for "Mailing Status: Mailing Bounced" to find a list of these specific emails, which can be helpful in identifying which communication(s) your donor(s) missed.


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