Convert a Contact Record from Person to Organization (and Vice Versa)


This article explains how to change the type of a contact record; for example, from a Person to an Organization.

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How To Convert a Contact Type

Convert a Contact from a Person into an Organization (or an Organization into a Person at the bottom of the Profile page within the Contact record).


Of Note: To convert an Organization record to a Person record, the Name field needs to contain more than one word. For example, if you have a record named "Kindful" and you attempt to convert it to a Person record, you will be unable to convert this contact from an Organization to a Person. Before making the type change, edit the name of the (Organization) record to include two words (e.g. a first and a last name). 

Filtering for These Contact Types

To filter for contacts by their type, you can use the By Contact Type filter on either the Contacts or the Activities page. If you run the filter on the Contacts page, it will return a list of all contacts of that type. If you run the filter on the Activities page, it will return a list of all activities by contacts of that particular type.



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