Setting Up Tribute Gifts (In Honor Of/In Memory Of)


Use Kindful donation pages to set up and track tribute gifts in honor of or in memory of others. Filter to find  and report on these fields, as well as insert the values as tags into templates

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When To Use This

You may want to set up memorial/honorariums on your donation pages so that donors can attribute their donation to another individual or entity. This can be easily setup in Kindful on a per campaign basis. 

You can set up a specific campaign to honor someone who was close to your organization, or maybe even worked in your organization. This would be a common and seamless example, as all donations would point towards this person being honored or memorialized. 

You may also want to give your donors an option to make any and all donations in honor or in memory of someone they choose. 

How To Set It Up

Use a Singular Campaign

This method is effective because you will know that by finding all donations to the Campaign you create (e.g. "For Jimmy") will be made in honor or in memory of this. With this example, you may not need to have any custom fields set up.


Use Campaign Custom Fields on Any Campaign 

This is the most common setup we see. This way, any donation made to your organization can be made In Honor Of or In Memory Of any particular person the donor sees fit. 

We recommend starting this with a Select style question that asks the donor if the gift is being made in honor or or in memory of another entity. Having this option will allow you to filter for these transactions that are set as honorariums or memorials so you can just focus on those.

Here is how you will want to set it up in your Campaign Settings:


This is how it will look to donors:


Use a Singular Campaign with Custom Fields to Select Honoree

This option will work if you have a preset list of entities to which your donors can make a contribution. We see this option used the least as there is commonly more fluidity to who a donor wants to honor or memorialize.  


Filtering For It

To be able to properly and effectively filter for this data, it is imperative to set up at least one field as a select value. Doing it this way will force you to enter in the answer values that your donors can choose (e.g. "In memory of"). Setting it up this way will allow for you to be able to filter for any and all transactions that have this answer set using the filter: "With Answer: In memory of". This will pull up just the transactions you need to see so you can easily isolate these and create a report.


Creating a Template to Reference It

When you are thanking your donors, you might want to have a phrase like this:

Thank you for your donation of $25 on July 4, 2020, made in honor of Frank Anderson.

When setting up your template to be used for this receipt, you will want to use the tag titled "Custom Field 1" (or 2 or 3 depending on how it corresponds to the custom field being used) to reference the data the donor entered on the donation page.



Of Note: These tags are only available when using the template types of Acknowledgements & Transaction and Non-Cash Gift Receipt.

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