Entering a Match Pledge or Donation


This article explains the best practices around entering a match pledge or donation. The common example here is the donor's employer makes a matching contribution.

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How To Track and Enter

Use the following elements to track Match Pledges or Donations in Kindful.


You will need to have a contact for both the initial transaction (commonly the person-type record making the initial donation) as well as a contact that makes the matching contribution (commonly the organization-type record).


Use any active campaign in your campaign list to attribute these contributions towards, or you can  track all matching gifts to a singular campaign. If using any active campaign, you may want to use Campaign Custom Fields to track whether the entries are matching contributions.


For this reason, users may prefer to create unique campaigns (e.g. "Matching Donations" Campaign) so that it is easy to identify these types of contributions.



Enter transactions to represent both the initial donation as well as the matching donation. See the images above for examples of the ways to utilize Campaigns and Campaign Custom Fields.

Soft Credit

You can consider using a soft credit to attribute credit to the initial donor (the person) when entering in the match donation (the organization). If you choose to do this, we still recommend entering in two separate transactions, but soft crediting the matching donor's donation.

Use 360MatchPro

Kindful has a wonderful integration with 360 Match Pro by Double the Donation. Use this platform to help automate your gift matching possibilities. 

Double the Donation has the largest and most accurate database of matching gift and volunteer grant information in the nonprofit industry so you don't miss a match opportunity.

The webhooks that are created via this integration will push donations from Kindful into 360MatchPro in real time. After 360MatchPro receives the data from Kindful, 360MatchPro will  verify the transaction in Kindful originated from Kindful and that it is associated with your account before checking if there are any matching possibilities. 

Filtering and Reporting

Depending on how you choose to set up and enter these gifts will control how you are able to filter for and report on it.

If you are using the Campaign method where all gifts and their matching counterparts go to a singular campaign, you can find all of these transactions by filtering on the Activities page for "By Campaign: campaign_name". Take these results and click Create Report on the right-hand side of the screen to choose columns of information and export.

If you are using the Campaign Custom Field approach, from the Activities page you can filter for "With Answer: answer_value". Take these results and click Create Report on the right-hand side of the screen to choose columns of information and export.

If you are using Soft Credits, once you filter for the transactions, be sure to check the column of "Original Transaction Owner" on your export to see the soft credit information.

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