Maximizing Retention - Finding Lapsed Donors

This article covers ways to review the data in your Kindful account to best analyze retention.


Kindful is full of valuable analytics, metrics, and stats as they pertain to the health of your donors. Understanding retained donors, as well as lapsed donors, is invaluable to the health of your organization. Read on to see more about how to use these helpful elements.

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Retention on the Dashboard 

When you log into your Kindful account you can see a Retention metric in the header bar. As is the case with any data point on the dashboard, these Retention stats are dynamic and interactive. Click on the figure to be taken to the Contacts page which applies the filtering logic we employ to come up with this list of retained contacts. You can create a report from here, or navigate into any profile you wish.

Retention on Donor Profiles 

When you narrow down your view to an individual contact, we will also display the contact's metrics pertaining to retention. We will show this stat on the contact profile with a bit of additional data included. See the total and number of gifts in the Last 12 Months, as well as the most recent contribution.


Filtering Scenarios

You may want to know donors are that have donated in the last year, but yet not in the past 9 months (for example). Here is the best way to search for this type of scenario.

We recommend using the "Total Transaction Amount Greater Than X Within:"  filter. This filter has you choose an amount and then a time frame. So for example, you could look for contacts that gave more than $1 in the last 12 months.

In the case outlined above, you will use the filter twice. The first addition will be one that shows everyone who has given in the last 12 months. On the next instance of it, filter for those that gave in the last 9 months. Next, use the Invert Filter trick on the 9 month filter option, so it will exclude everyone who gave in the past 9 months.

Reporting Scenarios

On the Reports page, you can locate and run the "Lapsed" report. Select the number of years since the last gift was made to view this list of contacts. For example, if you choose "2 Years", the results will show all donors who have given historically, but it has been 2 years since their last gift was made.


Here is a view of the export in CSV format.


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