Updating a Payment Method After a Decline (Donor Experience)


This article explains the steps a donor can take to update their billing method/donation attempt after they receive a failed transaction email. These steps are from the Donor perspective.

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What Happens When a Donor Has a Failed Transaction?

When a donor makes an online donation attempt and it is unsuccessful, the donor will receive an automatic email notifying them of this failure, just like they would if they made a successful transaction. The email will look something like this:Screen_Shot_2020-06-12_at_11.53.01_AM.png

The donor is prompted to login and update billing. This is a common step they will take.

What the Donor Can Do

The donor has two paths they can take in this scenario:

1. Donor has an existing account 

If the donor already has an account and can't sign in, we generally recommend having them use the "Forgot your password?" link. This will trigger a password reset email from support@kindful.com.

2. Donor needs to create an account 

If the donor does not already have an account, they can create one using the "Don't have an account? Sign up here." link. 

After creating an account, the donor will receive a confirmation instructions email. To see any past giving history and card info associated with their email address, they need to click the blue button link inside this email. This will confirm the account and assign ownership of the email address within the Kindful system to this donor login. If the account is not confirmed via this process, the donor will see a blank donor account.


After one of these steps is taken, the donor will be able to login to the donor dashboard and update their payment method.

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