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This article explains the benefits of and how to connect the GiveGame integration to your Kindful account.

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What Is GiveGame?

From the GiveGame Press Release (linked in the Overview section), "GiveGame is a social fundraising platform that makes giving fun. Nonprofits can use major sports events, award shows, and reality TV shows to raise money for their cause. By integrating with Kindful, Kindful users will be able to start GiveGame fundraisers and track donor data through Kindful’s dashboard."


Introduce Competition to Donors

A little competition can go a long way. GiveGame makes it easy for donors to invite their friends & family to play with them in your fundraiser.

Leverage the power of your Social Following

No more major investments or exhausting phone calls. GiveGame makes it easy to raise money by leveraging your social followers and email subscribers.

Increase your reach using Sports and Entertainment

Give something back to your donors. GiveGame fundraisers are always linked to games, allowing your donors to have fun playing the game while donating.

How To Connect

Head to Apps App Directory and locate the GiveGame app. To begin the process of connecting, click on Learn More.


On the App overview page, click on the Connect button to login to and authorize your GiveGame account to connect with Kindful. There will be an authorization step after you click Connect.



How the Data is Tracked

When someone donates to a GiveGame you create for your nonprofit, the contact and soft credit info is uploaded to your Kindful account automatically. You can track the GiveGame donations and manage your donor contacts all in one place. Ensure that the nonprofit selected in your GiveGame directly matches the nonprofit of your Kindful account.

Individual donations to your GiveGames will be posted to Kindful as "Soft Credits" under the name of the specific donor. Once each of your contests completes, we will send a check to the nonprofit and post a single "Transaction" to Kindful for the sum of the donations made for that contest under the GiveGame name.

Please note that if you create a GiveGame where players can choose any nonprofit to support, donations will not be uploaded to Kindful.

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