Tracking Facebook Donations


This article explains how to track donations received directly on your organization's Facebook page.

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What Is This?

Facebook offers a platform for nonprofits to raise money via online donations made directly via the organizations Facebook page. You can read more about the service at this link.

If you wish to pursue this, follow the steps in the link above and be sure to enroll your organization with Facebook. Next, you will sign up to accept Facebook donations, and add a donation button to your Facebook page.

There is no direct integration between Kindful and Facebook for these donations received. This means that the donations you raise on Facebook are stored directly with Facebook, and they will not automatically flow into Kindful. Your Facebook payouts will occur bi-weekly as an ACH or direct deposit to your organization's bank account. However, you can still track these in Kindful. Read on for the best practices on how to enter these donations.

How To Enter

You will receive information on these donations, and you will want to get them into Kindful. There are two approaches to get these donations entered into Kindful. We do not offer a "Facebook" transaction type, and you are unable to add your own custom transaction types. Read on to see how you can enter these donations into your Kindful account.

You can create a Facebook-specific Campaign

Head top Fundraising > Campaigns, and create a new Campaign. You can call it something like "Facebook", and all donations received via Facebook can be added to this Campaign. This can work effectively, and makes filtering and reporting easy; however, we understand you may have varying fundraising Campaigns to which you wish to track these donations, so it might make more sense to use the next method for tracking.

Campaign Custom Field (recommended)

This option makes sense if you wish to maintain your existing campaign setup, and not create a separate campaign for Facebook transactions. This method allows you to track your donations as you see fit, and add an additional identifier to indicate these gifts came from Facebook. To use this recommended option, you will need to edit the campaign(s) that will be used to track these donations, and add and use Campaign Custom Fields. Set them up as a Select value like this (even if you only use one answer):

Now, you can enter in a transaction with this field setup.


How To Filter for These Donations

Facebook-specific Campaign

To find these transactions, you can simply enter in the filter of "By Campaign: Facebook" on the Activities page.


Campaign Custom Field 

To find these transactions that use the Custom Field option, use the filter of "With Answer: Facebook". This filter will apply to any donation across all campaigns that contain this answer.


Using either option, once you have your set of transactions, you can click on the "Create Report" icon on the right-hand menu to choose your columns and create an export for this data.

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