Tracking Anonymous Donations


Track Anonymous Contacts. Mark a donation as Anonymous. This article explains how to track anonymous elements entered into your Kindful database.

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Contact Profiles

When You Might Need to Enter One

You may have times when you receive a truly anonymous donation to your organization. You may also have a time when someone gives to you, but wants it to be fully anonymous as well. It is important to consider the tax implications of these gifts, but, we do know that there will be times when this can happen. Use your judgement and consult a tax professional when determining whether or not to enter a donation that is fully anonymous. 

Other times you may have donors who give you a gift, but wish to have their name remain anonymous for things like annual publications you may send out. The best way to do this is to setup and use Campaign Custom Fields.

You can set up a simple question like, "Would you like this gift to be marked as anonymous?" with an answer value of "Yes, please mark my gift anonymous" or "No, you may publish my name".

Setting it up like this will allow for easy filtering to identify these Activities using the filter of "With Answer: 'donor_selected_answer_value'".Screen_Shot_2020-10-07_at_1.01.08_PM.png

Of Note: When using this method, you will still have record of the donor's name and contact information as it is collected and stored for tax purposes. This method is simply recommended for things like donor list publication where a donor has indicated a desire to remain anonymous.

How To Enter a Gift Without a Name/Profile

Entering these meaningfully will need to be done carefully and intentionally. You will need to consider a handful of items, such as:

  • Will all anonymous donations be tracked to one contact record?
  • Will anonymous donations be tracked to unique contact records?

If the donations will be tracked in one contact, you can setup an Anonymous contact record in Kindful. You can track all donations and other activities in this profile. There is no reason to have an email address on this record, but if you choose to, we recommend something like this (exactly): This is a test-based domain ( that will not send out real emails.

If you choose to use separate contact records for anonymous donations and wish to add an email address, be sure to vary the email address from one contact record to the next. For example,,, and so on.


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