Adding a Note to a Donor Profile


Use Notes for tracking donor engagement and interactions. Filter for and create a report on the notes added within a date range or associated to a particular Campaign. We commonly recommend Notes to do this, but also have some additional options which are highlighted at the bottom of this article.

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Potential Use Cases 

You may have interactions with your donors that you want to keep track of and make note of for future reference. These notes can be the keystone to unlocking the potential in your donors. You can track all communications, and be able to see the patterns that may emerge in these over time. The sky is the limit in terms of how you can use this feature. Here are just a small handful of examples of how you can use notes to track interactions with your donors:

  • Getting a cup of coffee or lunch
  • Having a phone call 
  • An email sent or received (learn more about our Mail Sync feature)
  • Running into a donor at the grocery store
  • Having a conversation with someone about another contact in your Kindful database
  • Creating a scheduled report tracking the donor interactions by each Admin user of your Kindful system. This is highlighted at the bottom of this article

How to Add a Note

Click on the + Add New button from the top left-hand corner of your Kindful account and select Note from the dropdown menu. Notes must be added in this one-at-a-time fashion. You cannot bulk add notes to multiple contacts.

Here, you will set the following:

  • Contact to which the note is assigned (required)
  • Subject of the note
  • Date (we recommend the date the occurrence took place)  
  • Note Type - meeting, call, email, etc. (required)
  • Campaign with which the note is assigned/associated
  • Note content
  • Option to upload a relevant file to the contact profile associated with the note
  • Optional name for the uploaded file. This is a great way to add a file in Kindful and give it a unique label

Other Options

There are other places to track specific donor interactions. We recommend notes, however, as a main source of tracking this information due to the fact it can be dated and assigned to a campaign (for reporting purposes).

You can add Comments into a Contact profile. These comments live below the main contact info at the top of a Contact Profile.


These can be exported by choosing the "Comments" tab when creating a report.


Filtering For and Reporting On Notes

Notes are Activities that are added to Kindful, so they can be filtered for and exported from the system. Head to the Activities page and filter for "Activity Type: Note" to get a list of Notes. You can then add on the filter of "By Campaign" to further isolate if you use track the Campaign field when creating Notes. This is a good use-case for an annual fundraiser. 


Pro Tip: Use Custom Contact Fields to create a way to track contact assignment. For example, if you  set up a field that is something like "Assigned to:" with a list of Admin Users' names, and you assign an Admin to your contact records, it will add an additional layer you can use to create filters and reports. Here is an example:


With this level of information tracked, you have the ability to create reports, and even Scheduled Reports that can be specific to the actions taken by each Admin user of your Kindful account.

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