Birthday Messages


This article explains how to setup a template that will automatically send out a birthday message via email to your contacts.

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Contact Profiles

Make Sure Contacts Are Eligible

Any contact that is in your Kindful database that has the following fields set on their profile is eligible to receive an automatic birthday message via email.

  • Email
  • Birthday

If you have contacts that have these two fields, and you have a Birthday Message template configured (see below), we will automatically send this template to these contacts on the morning of their Birthday as set in their contact profile. No further action needs to take place to send this message. 

Of Note: The time this message is sent is pre-determined and cannot be adjusted.

Create the Template

Head to Communication Templates and create a new template. Be sure to categorize the Template Type as Birthday Message. Also be sure to set a subject line, as this message will be delivered via email to your contacts.


Once this message is created and saved, this feature is activated. Emails will send out automatically, early in the morning (around 1am).

Finding Contacts with Birthdays

Sometimes organizations have asked us how they can send birthday cards in the mail to their donors through Kindful. While the Acknowledgements Tool option above focusses on sending email birthday notifications, you can use Kindful reports to help you manually with birthdays. The best way to do this is create a report or scheduled report for your contacts that includes your "standard activity" + "birthdays." 

Start by going to Contacts and use the Basic Search block to choose Demographic. Set an age range between 1-100. This will pull up contacts who currently have a birthday associated with their profile.


Use our Current View bar to stack additional criteria to find (for example) contacts who have a birthday an email address and/or mailing address. 


Creating a Report

With your list of contacts who have a birthday, you can create the report the same way you would create any other contact report.  

Be sure to include "Birthday" as an exportable column if you wish to see it on the report.


Can Donors Update This Information on Their Own?

Contacts and Donors can update this information on their own if you are collecting information using a Registration Form.

If you would like to collect birthday information on your donation pages, you can use a Campaign Custom Field that requests birthday information with a "text area" field. 


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