Create a Link to Accept Online Pledges


This article explains how to create a public facing URL for donors to make pledges online from their computers and mobile devices, as well as how to setup automatic receipts for these.

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Getting Started with a Pledge URL

You can create a public facing URL for your donors to make online pledges to your organization in the same way you can for online donations. These can be easily crafted in the following format:

Here is an example of what a page looks like:


Of Note: The fields that are collected in the "checkout" flow are limited to First Name, Last Name, and Email. No additional information is collected. Additionally, Pledge URLs can only be assigned to a singular campaign; campaign selection is not supported on Pledge URLs like it is on donation pages. 

Customize the Page

These pages can also be setup as a custom checkout experience in Kindful with set parameters like AmountProduct, and Page Summary information. If you want to pursue a donor pledge experience like this, please see the information at this link on our Developer site:

If you choose to take this route, we strongly recommend using someone who has web developer experience to help with the setup. This is a custom feature, and using it is done with the understanding that you will be doing the support for it.

Filtering for Pledges

Filtering for pledges received via one of these online pledge pages is just like it has always been. You would filter on the Activities page using the filter of Activity Type: Pledge

Pledges received via these forms enter Kindful in real time.


Setup Automatic Receipts

You can create and assign a template that can be used to automatically receipt donors who use this online pledge form. See the linked article in the Overview section above for information on how to properly thank historically entered pledges via the Acknowledgements tool.

When you craft a new template for this purpose (CommunicationTemplates), be sure to set the template type as "Pledge Receipt".


Once you have your receipt crafted and saved to your Templates, head to the specific campaign's edit page to which the pledges are being assigned, and set the Default Pledge Receipt.


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