Reassign Donations from One Fund to Another

This article explains a process that is only supported if QuickBooks is NOT connected to your Kindful account.           


Learn more about how to reassign donations from one fund to a different one from your Kindful account in a few easy steps.

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Getting Started 

Before you begin the process of reassigning donations from one Fund to another one, it is important to understand the hierarchy of transactions in Kindful pertaining to their classification. Kindful employs a two-tier approach in its most basic form - Campaigns and Funds. Campaigns are assigned to Funds in your Kindful Campaign settings, and you typically have more Campaigns than you do Funds, although this is not a rule.


Transactions in Kindful have a first-level interaction with what Kindful calls Campaigns. Consider a campaign as "where the money comes from" or "how the donor chose to interact".

Then, a fund is "where the money goes" or is the "administrative bucket" for the donation. Kindful is set up to have one fund consisting of multiple campaigns. A campaign can only point to a singular fund.

Change the Campaign Settings (edit all)

Once you have identified transactions that need fund reassignment, the first option you have is to edit the Campaign's settings. This use-case is best if ALL transactions (both past and future) need to adhere to this new Fund assignment. Head to FundraisingCampaigns and choose to Edit the Campaign's assigned Fund.

Use Bulk Edit (edit select)

If you want to change a specified set of transactions, you can use the Bulk Edit feature on the Activities page. This solution is good if you received a batch of transactions that were entered quickly and mis-assigned.

First, filter down to find just the right list of transactions to edit by filtering on the Activities page. Then, you can use the Bulk Edit feature to re-assign the Campaign to which the donations are attributed. This will have the same impact as the previous step, but it will not affect any historical donations outside of the filter parameters. 

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