How to Cancel a Recurring Donation


This article explains how to Cancel a Recurring Donation from a donor's profile in Kindful. This is from the Admin perspective

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How to Cancel

When you need to cancel a recurring donation from a donor's profile in your Kindful Admin account, you can do so by navigating to the Donor Profile, and clicking on the Payment Info tab. Locate the Recurring Transaction, and click Cancel. If you need to refund past payments, please refer to the article linked in the Overview section above.

How to Verify the Recurring Transaction is Cancelled and Won't charge again.

The key step here is to check the recurrence date in grey on the contact profile for the donor to make sure there is none after cancellation. Sometimes one last charge may slip through, particularly if the dates were changed recently. If cancelling within 5-7 business days of the recurrence date once last charge may have already started.

How to Verify it is Canceled

  1. Check the Recurring Transactions in Payment Info: When you go to their payment info on their profile you should see that there are no current recurring transactions or if they had multiple recurring transactions, you will should only see the one(s) that have not been canceled.Screen_Shot_2021-06-23_at_8.49.00_AM.png
  2. Check their Recent Activity for the Cancelation: Navigate to their profile overview and under "Recent Activity" you should see an activity for the canceled recurring transaction. Screen_Shot_2021-06-23_at_9.16.13_AM.png
  3. Verify the Cancelation Date: You can click "View All" to be taken to the Activities page to see more about this and other recent transactions. You may want to check the cancelation date. If it is after the next recurrence date, then one more recurring transaction will likely go through if it hasn't already. For example if the recurring transaction was to come out every June 22nd and it was canceled on June 23rd, even if the donor has not seen the charge in their bank yet, they will still be charged for this month's recurring transaction. A refund could then be issued after the payment is processed according to your organizations policies, though the cancelation is complete for future transactions.Screen_Shot_2021-06-23_at_9.19.53_AM.png

4. Verify the Next Recurrence: Go again to their contact profile Overview. Under "Recurring Transactions" you should either see only the remaining recurring transaction, or if they only had one and you have now canceled it you should see "no recurring transactions". The "next recurrence" is a grey date under the upcoming recurring transaction which tells when they will next be charged. Verify that there is either no date or that the date you see is what is expected after the recent cancelation.


5. You can also filter for all your canceled or active recurring transactions using activity filters. See our FAQ below on filters related to recurring or see our glossary .   

How to Set a Recurring to Automatically Cancel after a certain # of charges/months

The donor cannot set an end to their recurring donation on their side; however, you can as an Admin.

If you want to give your donors the ability to state how many transactions they would like to give before it ends, use a Campaign Custom Field to ask the donor something like, "How many recurring donations would you like to make with this commitment?" and give them the option to enter a number. You can set up the answer field as text or as a select value.

It makes sense in this scenario to also ask a question like this: "Would you like this recurring donation to end after a set amount of donations?" with the answer values of "Yes, I would like this to end after a set amount of donations" and "No, I would not like this to end after a set amount of donations". Setting up an additional question like this will allow you to run a filter on the Activities page for all activities with these questions answered, using the filter "With Answer: Yes, I would like this to end after a set amount of donations". The resulting transactions would be the ones you would need to reference to see how many transactions they would like to make before ending the recurrence.

You can then take this information, and head to their profile, click on the Payment Info tab and edit the recurring donation's section titled, "




How to Change a Billing Profile Associated with a Recurring Donation

You might see the this message on a contact profile when trying to change the card associated with a recurring donation: "The billing profile has a recurring transaction assigned to it. Please move the recurring transaction to another billing profile or remove it on the dashboard." Please see the article linked below to address this.

Updating payment method connected to a recurring donation (Donor Experience)  

How Can I Refund a Recurring Transaction?

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