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Below is an FAQ about Kindful Events, used for selling tickets to a ticketed event.

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What is Kindful Events?

Kindful Events is a ticketing solution you can use for your Events. Sell up to nine different ticket types per event, including Free tickets. You can have multiple attendees per ticket, too - think of a Family ticket that includes up to five guests. This tool is designed to handle most all of your ticketing and event needs.

What Gateway does it work with?

Kindful Events performs best with Bloomerang Payments, and that is our recommended solution. If you happen to use Stripe as your payment gateway, this will also be supported. We do not currently support using or PayPal for this feature.

Is there a way to limit the total amount of tickets available for an event?

Yes. In step 1 during event set up, you can set the overall Event Capacity Limit. You can also set a limit on the Available Quantity on each Ticket Type in step 2. 

Do Attendees create Contacts?

Event Attendees do not create new contacts in Kindful. Your ticket buyers will, however. 

How can I get my Attendees into Kindful as Contacts?

The simplest way to do this is to head to the Manage section of your event, and choose the Attendees tab.


On this page, there is a Download CSV button in the top right-hand corner. Use this export to get the full list of ticket buyers and the attendees, and with a small modification to the sheet (removing the ticket buyer columns) you can use the Kindful Import Tool to import the list of Attendees as new contacts. Alternately, you can import that modified list of Attendees (remove the Ticket Buyer data) and import it into an email marketing tool you have connected to Kindful. This will bring the contacts into Kindful as well.

I want to add a custom question to event registration to collect information about attendees. Is this possible?

You cannot add custom fields to the Event checkout flow.

Can I add a promotion (promo) or discount coupon code to the event?

No, we do not support these.

Do I need to setup a custom template for my registrants?

Part of the Event setup process is configuring Communication. This is found on the Settings tab of the Event manage page. Kindful will control the format here, and you can fill in the boxes on this page to get the email sent out.

What if I need to contact ticket buyers before an event?

You can take the Download CSV file of all attendees and import the list into your email marketing platform. You can also use the Acknowledgements tool and set it up using the "Registered for Event" filter to create your action list.

Can one ticket within the event be linked to a different campaign than the full event?

No. All purchases to a singular event will be tied to the parent Campaign the entire event is linked to.

How do we test the functionality of the site? If test purchases are made can we refund once testing is done.

You are free to refund any ticket purchase; however, these will still show on your master list of purchases and attendees. We recommend creating a test event for these tests so that you do not muddy up the real event registrations that are received. 

Does Kindful automatically create a new contact (if one does not exist) for the ticket purchaser that includes fair market value of the purchase? 

Yes, we will create contacts (or append to existing contacts) for all ticket purchasers. The purchase details will be indicated on the Activities page and on the corresponding contact profile based on the settings you created for the ticket purchase (tax deductibility, campaign, etc.). Event attendees are not created in your Kindful account.

The "Additional Donations" collected via the Events module will adhere to the Campaign's tax deductibility settings (not the individual ticket's settings as configured in the Events module).

Is the purchase automatically matched to existing donors within Kindful if they already exist in the system?

We will automatically merge contacts based on the regular rules we apply to auto-merging for online donations.

Does this tool handle seat assignments?

No. This tool does not handle seat assignments.

Is it possible to set up an event plug in so that our constituents wouldn't be redirected from the event page to register?

Events does not currently have a plugin, so you need to link to the page.

For the check out process, is it possible to change any of the default language? For example, since this event is free, it is confusing to ask people to make an "additional donation." 

For the additional donation, it would not be possible to customize the language there. You can only enable or disable this option.

On that same page, is it possible to adjust this language? Until the amount is filled it, it is confusing: "I'll increase my donation by a percentage to help cover the processing fee."

It is not be possible to change the "cover fees" language either. This would only be applicable if the donor made a donation.

If someone wants to register for more than one ticket, each subsequent attendee is still labeled "Attendee 1" even though the header says, "Ticket 2 of 2"

Since you have chosen to allow only one attendee per ticket, then the attendee for each ticket will be Attendee 1. If you choose to allow more than one attendee per ticket, then this will change to Attendee 2, Attendee 3, etc.

Is there a way to get rid of the "quantity" box all together?




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