Fundraise Up + Kindful Integration


Fundraise Up is now integrated with Kindful. Fundraise Up is an online fundraising platform dedicated to giving your donors a great experience while making it easier and more rewarding for them to support you. This article covers how to connect the two applications, as well as how the data will map.

Connecting the Apps

You can connect either directly via the Kindful App Directory, or from the Fundraise Up application. From Kindful, head to AppsApp Directory and locate the Fundraise Up card. From there, you can connect the two applications.

From Fundraise Up, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Kindful


Click the Connect Kindful button 


This will send you to Kindful, where you must log in (or be logged in) to a Kindful account.


Lastly, you will need to Authorize the connection between the apps.


Configuring the Integration

General Settings

Use Fundraise Up to configure your integration settings. Start with your General Settings in Fundraise Up.

Sync Test Data - Enable this to see all test data that you generate in Fundraise Up to be sent to Kindful. You can use Kindful to delete these transactions and contacts after testing if necessary.

Update "Has been acknowledged" if Thank You email has been sent by Fundraise Up - Fundraise Up sends a thank you email and receipt for every donation. If this will suffice for the acknowledgment of your donor, you can check this box, and that donation will be updated in Kindful as having been acknowledged. 

Default Comment - By default, Fundraise Up will pass some basic data, such as a link back to that specific donation, directly into the Comment notes for the donation. However, you can include as much information as you like by choosing the data you'd like to be automatically added. Just click the "tag" icon, and add data.

Of Note: The Kindful field has a maximum characters of 2,000 characters. You may customize the Comment data as you like; however, we recommend including the Donate Page URL, as this will give you a quick link to the Fundraise Up donation record with full details.

Mapping Rules

By default, you will have one default Mapping Rule: Fundraise Up campaign name = Kindful campaign name. If a campaign of the same exact name exists in Kindful, the donation will be associated with this. If it doesn't exist, a new one will be created.

You can add additional mapping. This includes sending Fundraise Up campaign, custom fields, designations, or a static value of your choosing to a Kindful campaign or fund.

 If you plan on changing Campaign Names from time to time, this would create a new campaign. If you want to avoid this, give your campaigns a Campaign Code (found in Campaign > Settings) that matches your Kindful Campaign ID and map these together.

Contact Field Mapping (Kindful | Fundraise Up)

if Individual/Person: First Name, Last Name OR if Company/Organization: Primary Point of Contact   First Name, Last Name
Organization Name   On Behalf Of Company
Email   Email Address
Phone Number   Phone Number (optional)
Address Line 1   Street address
Address Line 2   Apartment / Suite / Floor
City   City
State/Province   --
Postal Code   Zip Code
Country   --


Transaction Field Mapping (Kindful | Fundraise Up)

Fund   This is a setting in Fundraise Up on the Kindful Integration Settings
Campaign   This is a setting in Fundraise Up on the Kindful Integration Settings
Designation   --
Date   Donation Date
Transaction Type   see mapping above
Amount   Donation Amount
Admin Note   This is a setting in Fundraise Up on the Kindful Integration Settings
Has Been Acknowledged   This field is set based upon Integration Settings > General Settings > Update "Has been acknowledges" if Thank You email has been sent by Fundraise Up
Non-Tax Deductible Amount   0
Non-Tax Deductible Amount Description   --


Special Rules

Use this setting if you need to do any special mapping. For example, you'd like your Fundraise Up Giving Tuesday campaign to map to Kindful Special Giving Days fund. Fundraise Up will automatically pull in all of the campaigns or funds available in Kindful so you can choose from the list.


Synchronize - Use this button to import donations from Fundraise Up into Kindful. You can import all donations, or choose a date range. This is particularly useful when you have some donations manually entered in Kindful already, or needed to disconnect for a period of time for one reason or another.

Disconnect permanently - This will remove all syncing between the two platforms. In case you connect that same account again in the future, we'll remember your settings. ;)

NOTE: Kindful can display whether a transaction synced via Fundraise Up is One Time or Recurring, but recurring schedules and associated billing profiles are not created in Kindful. The recurring donations syncing in from Fundraise Up will be notated as "Offline Recurring Transactions" and can be filtered for using the "Transaction Type: Recurring" filter.

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