How Kindful Can Help During Extraordinary Times

In light of the current (2020) coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we want to provide nonprofit organizations with resources they may find helpful as they navigate fundraising during a time of economic uncertainty.


This article looks at a handful of resources, found both inside and outside of Kindful, that help you continue to manage your nonprofit during times like these.

What Kindful Can Do

Kindful offers many powerful, easy-to-use tools that are built into our system for our organizations to continue fundraising during times like these.


Watch our video overview of our tools, and reference the links below for more in-depth overviews.

Use our ready-to-go donation landing pages

Setup a Donation Page

Set a public goal with a thermometer

Create or Edit a Campaign

Have others help you fundraise

Creating a Crowdfunding Page

Put a donate button on your site

Creating a Donation Plugin

Use our Text to Donate solution

Text to Donate

Make sure you are saying "THANK YOU" when a donor gives. You can COPY AND PASTE the templates in this article.

Of Note: Be sure to replace our test name (Sea Turtle Foundation) and put your organization name into the template body.

Email Template Examples

To see all of these articles in one view, head to this link.

Tools You Can Use to Stay in Front of Your Donor Base

Virtual calls/Screen shares/Live-streaming 

  • Uberconference
  • Google Hangouts
  • Zoom
  • FaceTime
  • Skype
  • Facebook Live
  • Instagram TV
  • YouTube Live
  • Periscope

Social media streaming apps (these are great for displaying social posts in real time):


How Nonprofits And Other Organizations Are Responding To The Coronavirus Outbreak

Several organizations have put together guides on what to do in the wake of the outbreak. We’re sharing a few of them here:

  1. The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  2. Council of Nonprofits
  3. Washington Nonprofits

- Mental health nonprofit To Write Love On Her Arms put together a landing page with self-care tips that might be useful for your team.

- For current customers, please see Kindful’s Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak.

How to Fundraise During Times Like These

Nonprofit Resources For Virtual Events

  1. Classy*: From In-Person to Virtual: How To Maximize Your Fundraising Event Revenue

    “Unforeseen and unexpected circumstances, like the evolving concerns around COVID-19 (coronavirus), can seriously limit your in-person initiatives. A virtual element allows you to keep your event up and running—and potentially even raise more money.”

  2. Pat’s Run: The Mission Will Go On

    Here’s a look at how Pat Tillman Foundation* turned their in-person event into a virtual run.

  3. Get Fully Funded: How to Salvage Your Fundraising Event During the COVID 19 Crisis
    In this article, nonprofit consultant Sandy Rees shares tips and ideas for nonprofits looking to make alternative arrangements for their fundraising events. 

How Your Nonprofit Can Communicate With Your Audience During a Time Like This

Nonprofit Communication Tips For The Coronavirus Outbreak
Our four tips for communicating with your audience, including email examples from nonprofits and other companies so you can see what others are doing.

How You Can Support Coronavirus Fundraising Efforts

Finally, we wanted to highlight some organizations that are serving populations affected by the outbreak.

  1. Classy put together a blog post highlighting different organizations you can support.
  2. Seattle Foundation created the COVID-19 Response Fund to “provide flexible resources to organizations working with communities who are disproportionately impacted by coronavirus the economic consequences of the outbreak.”
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