iDonate Integration

With iDonate, you can meet your supporters where they are in today’s digital world and give them the chance to be generous in the ways they desire.   


This article covers the how to connect to iDonate and what the integration is capable of doing.

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Connecting to iDonate

To connect your iDonate account to Kindful, head to the App Directory in Kindful. Locate iDonate, and click on Learn More.


You can learn more about the integration here, and when you are ready you can click Connect.


You will be directed to login with your iDonate Admin Email and Password.


Once Successful, you will be asked to Authorize the integration. This will allow iDonate to create and update Contacts, Transactions, Campaigns, Funds, Custom Fields, Groups, and Activity data in Kindful. 



If you connect from iDonate directly, this will be what your Authorization screen looks like.


What Syncs

Each time a donor gives using a method within the iDonate platform, Kindful will receive the donor information.

The integration will create contacts that do not currently exist as well as update contacts that do exist.

When transactional data from iDonate is syncing to Kindful, if a Contact isn't found in Kindful with the same iDonate Contact ID, then a new Contact is created in Kindful with a new transaction.

When transactional data from iDonate is syncing to Kindful, if a Contact is found in Kindful with the same iDonate Contact ID, then a new transaction is added to the existing Kindful Contact.

These fields will send updates:


o First Name
o Last Name
o Company Name
o Complete address
o Email
o Phone Number
o iDonate unique donor ID


o Transaction amount
o The type of transaction (example: Credit Card)
o Fund ID
o Fund Name
o Donation Date 

The following items are also sent over to Kindful as a part of the
transaction. This info can be found in the transaction note field in Kindful:

o Embed ID
o Embed Name
o Whether the donor wants to remain anonymous

If the donor paid the fees associated with the transaction:

o Email Opt In
o Additional info
o Designation Note
o iDonate unique Transaction ID
o iDonate unique Transaction Set ID
o iDonate Custom Note 1 field
o iDonate Custom Note 2 field
o iDonate Custom Note 3 field
o iDonate Custom Note 4 field
o iDonate Custom Note 5 field

Data Mapping


Contact Fields

iDonate Kindful
 First Name, Last Name Individual/Person: First Name, Last Name 
First Name, Last Name  Company/Organization: Primary Point of Contact
Company  Organization Name
 Email Email
 Phone Phone Number
Street Address  Address Line 1
Street Address 2  Address Line 2
City  City
State  State/Province
 Zip Code Postal Code
 -- Country


Transaction Fields

 iDonate Kindful
 Designation Fund
 Campaign Campaign
 Either "Created At" or "Final Date" Date
 Initial Donation Amount Amount
 Credit Card Donation Credit Transaction
 eCheck Donation EFT Transaction
Debit Card Donation  Credit Transaction
 -- Has Been Acknowledged
--  Non-Tax Deductible Amount
--  Non-Tax Deductible Amount Description

Regarding transaction frequency (one time vs. recurring) when syncing in transactions from iDonate, the details of the donation will be in the Admin Note in Kindful. All transactions coming in from iDonate will be shown with the default transaction type of "one time transaction" in Kindful. 

Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 

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