RaiseDonors Integration

Utilize RaiseDonor's beautiful donation pages with Kindful's powerful analytics. 


This article explains how to connect RaiseDoors to Kindful.

  • In RaiseDonors:
    The Kindful integration is included as part of the RaiseDonors Pro plan. If you aren't already on the Pro Plan, upgrading is easy.  
  • In Kindful:
    You'll need your Kindful administrator username and password to complete the integration.  

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Getting Started (from Kindful)

To connect to RaiseDonors from Kindful, navigate to the App Directory (Apps > App Directory). Find RaiseDonors, and click on Learn More.


Click Connect.


You will be prompted to log in to your RaiseDonors account.


Upon successful authenticating with RaiseDonors, you'll now be asked to review the permissions RaiseDonors is asking to receive. Click Authorize.


Getting Started (from RaiseDonors)

Log into RaiseDonors and head over to the integrations page. 


 Next, click the link to authenticate with Kindful.


You'll be taken to a Kindful login page at Kindful. This is where you need to supply your Kindful administrator username and password.


Upon successfully authenticating with Kindful, you'll now be asked to review the permissions RaiseDonors is asking to receive. Click Authorize.


After authorization, you'll be redirected back to RaiseDonors. At this point, you have successfully authenticated RaiseDonors with Kindful. The next sections walk you through the configuration. 


You will want to configure how contacts are matched. There are a few options to match incoming Contacts. You can read more in detail at our developer hub here.


External ID
This is the recommended choice. This will send the donor ID from RaiseDonors to Kindful and use the RaiseDonors' donor ID to match the incoming gift to the existing contact in Kindful. 

First name + Last name + Email
This option uses all three data points to match incoming gifts with contacts in Kindful. 

Uses the email address provided on the donation to match the incoming gift with contacts in Kindful. 

Company name + Email
This option both data points to match incoming gifts with contacts in Kindful. 



Mark transactions as acknowledged?

Check the "Mark transactions as acknowledged" box if you'd like the RaiseDonors donations to be marked in Kindful as already having been acknowledged.

Include test transactions from RaiseDonors

Check this box if you would like to have test transactions sent through to Kindful.  Leaving this unchecked will configure your integration to send only live, approved donations to Kindful. 

Every transaction sent to Kindful will include these basic notes: 

  • Fund allocations
  • Donation ID
  • Gift Type:
    • One time
    • New recurring schedule
    • Recurring schedule instance 
  • Referral URL (If your donor was referred from any website to give a gift, that original url will be included.)
  • Authorization Number
  • Transaction ID
  • RaiseDonors Page where the donation originated 
  • Any comment from the donor provided in the donation
  • Shipping address (when applicable)

Include verbose notes with each transaction

Check this box to include this additional information for each donation:

  • Payment information details
    (ie: credit card type, last 4 digits, expiration date, and gateway name)
  • Motivation Code
  • Source Code
  • Google UTM codes
  • IP address of the donation
  • Product Name and Product Code (when applicable)
  • Media outlet (when applicable)
  • In Honor of / In Memory of information
  • Gift aid (True / False)
  • Test Mode (True / False) 

Data Formatting


Country Code Name Format

Configure how Country names will be sent to Kindful.

Available options: 

  • Full name - ie: United States
  • ISO3 - ie: USA
  • ISO2 - ie: US

US State Name Format

Configure how State names will be sent to Kindful.

Available options:

  • Full name - ie: Texas
  • ISO2 - ie: TX

Deliver Error Notifications to the Following Email Address(es)

If there is an issue with the integration to Kindful, an email can be sent with detailed information to the addresses provided here.  Be sure to separate multiple addresses with a comma.

Debug Mode

RaiseDonors can log the entire payload (information message) sent and received to/from Kindful. This is helpful for troubleshooting purposes.

We advise to always leave this enabled as it records a lot of information related to all transactions and donors.

Also please note, turning this feature on will not retroactively record the information sent to Kindful. It's only records data after it is enabled.  

Save & Activate

Please be sure to click the save button to activate the integration.

Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 

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