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Utilize RaiseDonor's beautiful donation pages with Kindful's powerful analytics. 


This article contains FAQ's pertaining to the RaiseDonors + Kindful integration.

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What Actions Trigger an Integration to Kindful?

Currently, RaiseDonors only supports three of these events with Kindful:

  • New Donation (one-time and/or recurring)
  • Refunding donation
  • Updating donor information. Whether the donor or admins makes changes, those will be pushed to Kindful.

All other events are currently ignored.

Does Kindful Support RaiseDonor's Fund Distribution?

Although Kindful allows for split transactions natively, this integration does not support split fund gifts. RaiseDonors will include any fund allocation information in the gift's notes field. You can monitor incoming gifts and read the notes field to see if multiple funds allocations are provided.  

How Does the Data Map?

RaiseDonors Data Kindful Data
Objects Objects
Donation Transaction
Donor Contact
Recurring Schedule N/A
Page Campaign
Fund Funds
Properties Properties
Donation.Id transaction_Id
Donation.Amount Transaction Amount
"Once" or "Monthly" for recurring gifts N/A


Simple or Verbose Notes (*) Gift Notes
"Credit Card" or "ACH" depending upon gift type  Transaction Type
card brand (if gift type = CC)  n/a
Donation.Donor.FirstName  First Name
Donation.Donor.LastName  Last Name
Donation.Donor.Email  Email
Donation.Donor.Phone  Phone Number
Donation.Donor.BillingAddress.Address1  Address Line 1
Donation.Donor.BillingAddress.City  City
Donation.Donor.BillingAddress.State  State / Province
Donation.Donor.BillingAddress.Postal  Postal Code
Donation.Donor.BillingAddress.Country  Country
If Multiple Funds...  
Donation.Fund[x].Amount  Will be sent in the Gift Notes.
If Premium...  
Donation.Page.ProductCode Will be sent in the Gift Notes.
 Donation.Page.FairMarketValue This value will be sent over as the non tax deductible amount. The gift will also be marked as "not a donation".


How Are Refunds Shown?

When an administrator performs a void or refund inside of RaiseDonors, the API will send an update to Kindful to indicate this on the gift.  

Does this Integration Offer Gift Aid Support?

If a donor is located in the United Kingdom and your donor opts into Gift Aid, RaiseDonors will send this information along in the gift comments. 

Is Corporate Matching Supported?

If one of the corporate matching integrations is enabled, and the donor has provided information for his/her employer, RaiseDonors will include this information in the gift comments. 

What is Included with Verbose Notes?

By default, RaiseDonors will include the following information in the gift comments:

  • Fund allocations
  • Donation ID
  • Gift Type:
    • One time
    • New recurring schedule
    • Recurring schedule instance 
  • Referral URL (If your donor was referred from any website to give a gift, that original url will be included.)
  • Authorization Number
  • Transaction ID
  • RaiseDonors Page where the donation originated 
  • Any comment from the donor provided in the donation
  • Shipping address (when applicable)

Verbose notes will include the following,

  • Payment information details
    (ie: credit card type, last 4 digits, expiration date, and gateway name)
  • Motivation Code
  • Source Code
  • Google UTM codes
  • IP address of the donation
  • Product Name and Product Code (when applicable)
  • Media outlet (when applicable)
  • In Honor of / In Memory of information
  • Gift aid (True / False)
  • Test Mode (True / False) 

How is Organization vs Person Giving Supported?

If the donor supplies an organization name while donating, the organization name and the donor name will be sent to Kindful.

How are Recurring Donations from RaiseDonors Handled?

Whether the gift is a one time, the creation of a recurring gift, or a donation assigned to a recurring schedule, the data is sent to Kindful in the same way. The only difference will be indicated in the gift comments, providing context about the gift and the associated recurring schedule.  

Are Anonymous Donations Supported?

Not at this time.

How are Media Attributions Indicated in Kindful?

If a donation includes a media attribution, RaiseDonors will include this value in the gift comments. 

How are Donations with Products, Shipping Address, Fair Market Value, and Tax Deductible vs Non-Tax Deductible Shown?

If a donation in RaiseDonors includes a product, the gift sent to Kindful will include a non-tax deductible amount, equal to the fair market value as indicated in RaiseDonors. The shipping address will be included in the gift comments.

Do Changes Made in the Donor Portal Sync?

Any changes the donor makes to his/her contact information directly from RaiseDonors will be sent to Kindful. 

Do Historical RaiseDonors Transactions Sync to Kindful By Default?

This is a "point-in-time" integration, which means that everything received in RaiseDonors after the integration is connected will sync, and nothing in your RaiseDonors account prior to connecting will sync to Kindful. If you need assistance getting historical information sent from RaiseDonors to Kindful, please contact RaiseDonors

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