Converting Text Custom Fields into Select Custom Fields


This article explains how to convert Contact Custom Fields from a "text" value to a "select" value. Use this method so you can filter on the custom fields values and create Reports and/or Groups. This method is commonly used when importing data into Kindful. 

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Preparing Your Data in Your Imported CSV

To create a contact custom field in a filterable format upon import, begin with the data in your imported CSV. Be sure to label the column header with the name that represents something relevant to you (e.g. the custom field value will be used for, as represented in Row AV - "Group Name" - in the example below). The values in the rows below the header row represent each of the custom field values (e.g. Group 1, Group 2, Group 3).


When mapping this field in the Import flow, be sure to match this column on your CSV to "Contact Custom Field".


Change the Custom Field Type

Once the import and subsequent move of the data to production is complete, head to Settings > Contact Settings > Custom Contact Settings and navigate to the Contact Field Groups tab.

Here, you will see your newly imported custom field. The name will include a long code, which is the Import ID. To make these changes, click Edit


In the "Questions" section, you will see the same name that was in the column header of your imported CSV (e.g. Group Name). It will be set as a Text field, which is default for the import tool process.

The next step is to change the field Type from Text to Select, and then enter in each option exactly as it appears in your spreadsheet in the Group Name column. Separate each possible value with a comma.  


Segmenting These Contacts

You can filter for contacts with these values on the Contacts or Activities page using this filter:

To Custom Field: Group Name, Group 1 

Moving These Newly Updated Fields to Previously Existing Custom Fields

After completing the import you will see the new Text-based custom fields created (e.g. Group Name).

You will first change this Custom Field from a Text Type to a Select Type, and enter all of your common answers as values separated by a comma.

Once this is done and you have the newly created and updated custom field, you can head to the Contacts page and use the Bulk Edit Tool. This will allow you to move the contacts connected your newly minted custom field (from the import), and apply it to the Custom Field that previously existed.

Of Note: When using this process, we recommend naming the new custom field slightly different than the existing custom field you are wishing to move these contacts to. This will help you identify the proper value when Bulk Editing. 

Adding Custom Fields Values Via Import to Already-Existing Custom Fields

Our import tool allows you to import to already-existing contact custom fields, which can save you from needing to do the steps highlighted above.

To perform this process, follow the same steps as above; however, when entering data into your CSV, be sure that both the Custom Field name (the column named "Group Name" in our above example) matches exactly to an existing custom field in Kindful. Then, be sure that the answer values (Group 1, Group 2, etc., in our above example) match exactly to the existing custom field answer values in Kindful. 

For example, if this is your existing Contact Custom Field setup:


Be sure to import the column on your CSV like this:


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