Kindful Events

Kindful Events is a built-in ticket selling module that allows you to be able to host ticketed events.


This article explains how the Events feature, including how to set up an event, configure the settings, manage ticket purchasers and attendees, filter on, and export attendee information.

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Before you begin, please ensure that you are using Kindful Payments (recommended) or Stripe. This can be added on in addition to another gateway you are using, and it will not interrupt your scheduled recurring donations.

To connect Kindful Payments, click on Settings on the left sidebar. Click on Fundraising Settings and then click Gateways. On this page, scroll down and you'll see the Sign Up & Connect button under the Kindful Payments logo.

Configuring an Event

To get started, head to Fundraising Events. Click Create Event to create a new event.


First, you will want to set your event details. This is step 1/4 of the Event setup. Set things like the name, location, default campaign, and event date. 

Of Note: We recommend setting one Campaign per Event. This will help you with filtering for these purchases later.


Next, create your ticket types. You can have as many as you want. You can specify the name, price, attendees, a description, and a non-tax deductible amount and description.

Have varying types, including FREE ticket types.


Select what information you want to collect from your Event Attendees as well as the ticket Ticket Buyer. Make some fields required if desired.

Of Note: Attendees do not sync into Kindful as contacts. Their information is available via a CSV export, detailed in this article, and this information in the CSV export can be used to import back into Kindful, or into a tool like an email marketing tool to communicate with these Attendees. Ticket Buyers will create new Contacts or append to existing records in Kindful. 


Last, you can customize the remaining settings. Upload an background image for your event page image, set a theme color, and set a custom URL.                                            


Set your transaction fee options, as well as set up a request for an additional donation in the ticket buying flow.


Managing Your Events

Below the option to Create an Event, you have options to Manage, and View your event. This is found in the Actions dropdown on each Event's row.


Use the Manage page to control a variety of options pertaining to your Event. You will first see an Overview of the Event that contains a high-level overview of the amount of money raised, as well as a breakdown of tickets purchased by type.


Use the Orders tab to see a list of all ticket purchases, including varying Attendee amounts. You will see the Ticket Buyer, Order Date, Ticket Status, Ticket Amount, Donation Status, Donation Amount, Ticket Quantity, and an Attendee count. If you refund a portion of the purchase, e.g. the Ticket or the Additional Donation, this will be reflected in the Amount columns on this page.


Use the Actions dropdown to view the specific order details. Refunds will be displayed on this page, too, if applicable.



Navigate to the Attendees tab to see a list of Attendees of the event. These are the contacts captured before the Ticket Buyer details. You can view the list, Expand and Edit the details captured of the Attendees (based on the fields set to collect), and even mark if a Contact attended the event.


You can also download a CSV of attendee data. This will include one row per ticket purchased by each ticket buyer. The individual attendee information will be represented in the export as well.The Attendee First Name and all columns to the right can be used to import and create new contacts in Kindful, or they can be used to import into an email marketing solution.


Use to the Settings tab to edit all previously set elements on your Event. Review, manage, and edit Event Details, Ticket Types, Information to Collect, and Event Sign Up Page details.

Also use this page to set your automatic communication that all ticket buyers will receive. You will use this instead of a default template as you do on regular transactions received. The details of the Event will be automatically included in your emails that go out to the ticket buyers, but you can also customize some additional messaging within the email as well as set notification emails if you would like to be alerted when a ticket is purchased.


Closing an Event 

In the event you need to close an event due to the tickets selling out or being sold out, or otherwise stop the sale of tickets, you can use this option

Edit the messaging to make your pages display this. While this does not prohibit new registrations, it does let the potential ticket buyer know that the registration has ended, and no new purchases will be accepted/refunds given. The language here is up to you. This is the recommended path


First, head to the Event Details tab, and edit the Event name


Next, head to the Event Sign Up Page tab and edit the Event description.



Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member.

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