Subscription Invoices

Use Kindful to view and download receipts and invoices when you are billed for your organization's payments for services, update the billing method, and update billing contacts.


This article explains where to find and how to download invoices in your account. 

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Account Balance

You will first be alerted of your Account Balance.

If you have a negative or past due balance, it will appear like this:


Of Note: The "Past Due" label inside of the Account Balance block looks at the Invoice Date as the Due Date. If your organization has made billing arrangements with Kindful to pay on a non-automated schedule, the "Past Due" flag will be present on the Invoice Date (Due Date), regardless of any agreed-upon payment terms. 

If the Balance is zero, you will see $0.00 here.

We will also show if your account has a credit balance.


Where Do I Find Invoices for Payment?

You can locate invoices for payments to Kindful by clicking your name in the upper right-hand corner of your Kindful account, and select Account

To see invoices, select Billing History from the sidebar.


You can also click this link and login to go directly there.    

Invoices will display with the most recent invoice showing first.

*If you need details on an invoice you do not see on this page, please contact Support for more assistance.

How Can I View the Details of an Invoice?

Locate the Invoice you want to view details on, and use the Actions button to view more information. 


You can then click on the View Invoice or Download PDF to view and/or print your invoice. 

Updating Billing Information

To update your Billing Information so payments can process, please see this article:

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