Creating a Fund


This article goes over how to create and add a Fund in Kindful when you are not connected to QuickBooks.

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Campaign vs. Fund

A Quick Refresher 


Campaign An organized effort to raise money for a specific purpose. Campaigns are specific projects that flow into more general funds.
Fund A general way of categorizing donations and other monies coming into a donor database. Funds are a general allocation made more specific through campaigns.

How to Create and Edit a Fund

To get started, Head to your Funds page. You can easily navigate here by typing in the word "Funds" into the Search bar at the top of any Kindful page.


On the Funds page, you can click on the green New Fund button to proceed


Enter in the name of your new fund and click Save


Additionally, you can click on the blue Edit button on the right side of the Funds page, and you can adjust the name, or set a Fund to be Archived.


Of Note: You will not be able to Create a new Fund if you are connected to QuickBooks in your App Directory.


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