Kindful + GoFundraise Integration FAQ

Kindful now integrates with GoFundraise, a digital fundraising tool that combines crowdfunding, events, and direct charity support.


This article provides a list of the FAQ as it pertains to connecting your GoFundraise account to Kindful.

- GoFundraise 

- About the GoFundraise + Kindful Connection (from GoFundraise)

Why Use the Kindful Connector?

The Kindful connector allows you to automatically import Fundraisers and Donors from GoFundraise into your Kindful account. With Kindful you can track both online and offline donation history, event registrations, email marketing results, task history, pledges, and past acknowledgments, all in a simple contact profile. It allows you to see every interaction with your donors in one central place. 

How to Setup the Kindful Connector?

Setting up the Kindful connector happens in a few simple steps.

1) Navigate to your charity profile area from the Event Creator portal within GoFundraise and select the "Integration" tab.


2) Select Kindful. If you aren't already connected you will see the following option

3) Click "Connect with Kindful". This will open the Kindful OAuth2 login screen where you will need to login to your Kindful account and give GoFundraise permission to sync into your Kindful account.

4) Follow the prompts and your Kindful account will be connected. You will then see this screen.

Now your GoFundraise data will now begin syncing into Kindful.

 Known Issues:

The Integration setup currently does not finalize when performed using the Firefox browser. Please use a different browser, such as Chrome, to connect to your Kindful account. 

How does it work?

The Kindful API is used to regularly push your GoFundraise data into your Kindful account. The integration has already mapped known fields between Kindful and GoFundraise, so for a standard setup there is no configuration necessary. If you have custom fields or a custom setup, GoFundraise can help with setting up a manual mapping solution for you.  

What limitations does it have?

Historical Data

The GoFundraise sync connector will not, by default, sync historical information into Kindful, rather it will begin syncing data after the connection is made. Contact GoFundraise or Kindful if you would like to sync your historical data.

Data Display within Kindful

Data synced from GoFundraise may not be visible in some places. Most data is available through the Activities area within your Kindful account. Please contact us if you have any questions on how to access this data.

Both Kindful and GoFundraise welcome feedback and suggestions for how to improve your experience with our platforms.

Soft Credits

Whilst GoFundraise syncs Soft Credits into the Kindful platform, these cannot be directly linked to the original transaction contact.

Modifying Data Within Kindful

Kindful allows you to modify data synced from GoFundraise. The changes are not propagated back to the GoFundraise platform and could cause discrepancies in reporting between the two platforms. 

How often can it sync?

By default, data is synced into Kindful once per hour. If you have requirements outside of this, we can help with setting up a custom schedule.

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