The Kindful Search Bar

Kindful has a very powerful search bar present at the top of every page when you are logged into your account.    


This article explains the multiple uses for the Search Bar at the top of each page (SMUS bar) and the types of data it can return

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Where to Locate the Bar 

You will see the search bar at the top center of each page you are logged into. Use the bar to begin typing in names. After a few characters, results will begin to appear.


Note that if you have a handful of results you are searching for with the same name, we can only display the top 5 results. This is simply due to page scaling and performance. To get a more thorough search return, head to the Contacts page and filter By Name to find contacts by the name you are searching.

What Data Can Be Retrieved

You can search for and retrieve a handful of data values using this SMUS bar. Here is a list of what can be found:

  • A Contact by filter for the contact's name


  • A Contact by filtering for the contact's Spouse name field


  • Contact Employer/Director relationships 



  • Specific Kindful pages (e.g. Tasks)


  • Groups


  • Campaign names (when a goal is present)


  • Crowdfunding by the Cause name


  • Crowdfunding Team Pages by the team's name


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