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This article answers some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Kindful's Import Data Tool.


Kindful's Import Data tool allows you to easily add your data collected historically and/or outside of Kindful into your account. Read through these FAQs below to learn more about this process.

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Where can I find a list of instructions on how to use the tool?

See our guide on Using the Import Data Tool that is full of how-to's with imagery and GIFs. We also offer a free webinar on how to use this tool every Wednesday. Visit our knowledge base and click the icon to sign up for a webinar.

How many files can I import simultaneously on the same import job? 

We suggest using as few files as possible. But, do keep in mind that you can upload Contacts and Transactions and link the records across the files with a Contact ID, so our tool does support multiple files per import. 

How long should an import take?

Depending on the amount of imported data (think in terms of how many rows are on the files), the initial import to sandbox could take up to an hour to process before it’s ready for review. In most cases, however, it should take significantly less time than that. If it has taken more than an hour, feel free to reach out to for assistance, and our team can help you troubleshoot the issue.

Can I import to custom fields? 

You can import and create a new custom field. However, you are not able to import to existing custom fields. If you happen to import a custom field that is the same as an existing custom field in your account, we will create a new custom field. 

How does the import data tool handle currencies?

The import data tool will import all of your transactions from your CSV file into the default currency of your account. The default currency can be set in two ways:

  1. The currency will be set by the default currency of your connected gateway (e.g. Stripe). So if your default currency for your Stripe account is CAD, your Kindful account will default to CAD.
  2. Our engineering team can manually set the default currency on your account. But do keep in mind that if you do this for you, and you connect a Stripe account that is set to a different currency that our team set for you, your Kindful account will default to whatever the Stripe account is set to.

What if I need to import Notes, Soft Credits, Pledges, Non Cash Gifts, Relationships, or other types of data not seen in the templates? 

If you need to schedule a custom import for this data, you will want to contact our Services team.

I used the Contact and Transactions CSV option to import data and imported my contacts first followed by a separate import of my transactions. The Contact ID does not seem to be relevant on my second import of transactions. Is this how to use the templates?

This import option (Contacts and Transactions) does use two templates provided in the Import Data flow - one for contacts and one for transactions. These two separate templates must both be uploaded in the same import and imported on the same import job (upload two files). For the contact ID, you choose this; it is an arbitrary ID you create. It can be as simple as repeating the contact's name. This will associate the donors from the transactions file with the donors on the contacts file.

If you uploaded the contacts separately without uploading a transactions file on the same import job, you can use the "Transactions Only (for existing contacts)" option and template. This will link the transactions to the contacts already in Kindful. 

The first name, last name, and email for the contacts in the import template will need to exactly match what is already in the existing contact profiles in Kindful that were created from the first import. If any of these pieces are missing or don't exactly match, then duplicate contacts may be created. 

Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member.

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