Recurring Transactions FAQ

Read below for a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to the Recurring Transactions functionality in Kindful.   


This article is an FAQ about Recurring Transactions in Kindful.

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What is a Recurring Transaction Schedule?

The “Recurring Transaction Schedule,” is in control when a recurring transaction processes. When it is automatically processed. The schedule will tells the payment gateway that it’s time to run a charge. When using a manual recurring transaction, this allows certain filters like “With overdue recurring” to work.

What Are the Activity Filters Related to Recurring Transactions? 

  • Automatic Recurring Transaction Schedule - Shows the recurring transaction schedules that use a payment method to automatically process the payment
  • Manual Recurring Transaction Schedule - Shows the recurring transaction schedules that require a manual entry
  • Activity Type: New Recurring, Updated Recurring, Canceled Recurring - Shows the Recurring transaction schedules that have been created, updated, or canceled
    Note: “Updated” recurring transaction activities are only created when an automatic recurring transaction schedule has been updated
  • Transaction Type: Recurring - Shows all recurring transactions that were automatically processed via a payment method stored on the contact’s profile
  • Assigned to Recurring - Shows all transactions that are assigned to a recurring schedule, both automatically processed and manually entered.
  • Expiring Recurring - Shows all created/updated recurring transaction schedules that use a payment method that will expire in the specified number of days
    Example: Using the filter “Expiring Recurring: 5” shows all created/updated recurring transaction schedules that use a payment method that will expire in 5 days
  • Recurring On - Find recurring transaction schedules that will recur on a specific date

What Are the Contact Filters Related to Recurring Transactions? 

  • Has Recurring Transaction - Shows contacts that currently have a recurring transaction schedule set
  • Has Overdue Manual Recurring - Shows contacts with a manual recurring transaction that is past due

What Are the Available Report Columns Related to Recurring Transactions? 

  • Activity Type (Activity)
  • Amount (Activity)
  • Campaign Name (Activity)
  • Date Created (Activity)
  • Recurring Payment Number (Activity)
  • Recurring Transaction Progress (Activity)
  • Recurring Transaction Frequency (Activity)

What if There Isn't a Payment Method on File for the Contact Record I Select?

First, go to the contact’s profile to add a payment method, then schedule the recurring transaction. Alternatively, you could schedule a manually entered recurring transaction if you expect the payment to be sent to you via cash or check each month.

Why don't I see an "Edit" button on my contact's Recurring Transaction Schedule?

Recurring Transaction Schedules in Kindful can be created in 2 different ways: it either originates inside Kindful, or originates outside of Kindful and is imported into Kindful in one of 2 different ways: (1) via our "Stripe Create" data integration or (2) via PayPal.

Admin users are able to edit Recurring Transaction Schedules that originate in Kindful. However, if the Recurring Transaction Schedule was created outside of Kindful, then Kindful does not have access or permissions to edit that Recurring Transaction Schedule.

In that instance, you will not see an "Edit" button for the Recurring Transaction Schedule on the Payment Info tab of the Contact profile in question.

Still have questions?

Feel free to send our support team an email, or you can call the phone number found in the lower left hand corner of your Kindful Admin account to speak to a team member. 

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