Handbid Integration

Use this integration to help manage online auctions and see the data flow into your Kindful account. This article explains how to connect your Handbid account to Kindful.


Handbid is a powerful, integrated, mobile-based auction and fundraising tool that will raise revenues and lower stress. Contact and transaction data received from your auctions and events via this tool can be automated into Kindful by following the steps below to connect your Handbid account to your Kindful account.

Getting Connected

This step will require you to be logged into Kindful and Handbid. You can begin from Kindful, but you will need to access the Handbid manager account as well.  

From Kindful, navigate to the Apps App Directory page, and click on Learn More in the Handbid card.


Read an overview of the integration and click on Visit Site to begin. 


Getting Connected From Your Handbid Account 

Login to your Handbid manager account and go to your Organization Settings and locate a tab at the end called Apps. Go to this tab and select Kindful out of the list of connected accounts.

Once you do that, click the Connect button and you will log into Kindful and complete the connection.


When the Connection window appears, click Authorize to begin the connection between Handbid and Kindful. If you are already logged into Kindful, the connection process will automatically complete.

If you are not already logged in, you will be asked to login with your Kindful admin username and password.


When your connection is successful, you will see Kindful connected in the My Connections section of your Handbid account.


Syncing Your Contacts

Once the connection is setup, Handbid will schedule jobs to pass your contacts back and forth between your Handbid contact list and Kindful. You can navigate to Apps Connected Apps in Kindful to view these syncs.


Click on Requests to see more information and then select a Job ID for a detailed view of the import.


Kindful manages updates on a scheduled basis, which means that not all information will post immediately. You can watch the progress in the Pending Requests indicator at the top of the Handbid Requests page (image above).

Note the initial sync between Handbid and Kindful may take longer than subsequent syncs. You can monitor the progress on any sync or push a new sync into Kindful by going to Contacts CRM Sync from Handbid.


Viewing the Sync Progress

You can view the progress on your CRM sync page once the sync process starts.

On this page, you will see all sync attempts as well as who originated it.   


You can also keep an eye on contacts syncing into Kindful by viewing the progress on the Connected Apps page as well as the Contacts page.

Manually Sync Contacts

Handbid will sync contacts on a regular basis, but you can also force a sync. Click the Synchronize Now button on the Contacts Sync page from your Handbid account (image shown in previous step).

Sync Transactions

A feature of the integration is that transactions from your auctions and fundraisers will sync into Kindful. However, it makes the most sense to wait to sync these transactions until all possible payments and refunds are complete. 

As a result, Handbid will sync over transactions after an auction is reconciled, and the transaction data will be appended to the contact records. Auction reconciliation is a process that Handbid does for all auctions once payment is complete. 

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