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This article answers some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Kindful's Wealth Insights feature.


Kindful's Wealth Insights is a very powerful tool, and it relies on a lot of external data being processed to present accurate results. Read through these FAQs below to learn more about the data you see when connected.

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Where does Kindful get the data for Wealth Insights? 

Kindful’s Wealth Insights module is built upon DonorSearch, an industry leader in aggregating wealth-related data. Quality scores are built into Kindful’s Wealth Insights module so that you can feel confident in the results returned from our intelligent wealth screening. The screening only includes high quality data points so you can feel confident in the results.

What if the data I see appears wrong or incorrect?

Simply put, if you See Something, Say Something. Our support team is always here to work with you and for you. If you report some sort of inaccuracy in your data, our team will work as hard as we can to resolve this for you. Given the nature the integration and how the data is collected and used, we may have to reach out to the team at DonorSearch on your behalf to correct the source data. Please let us know at Kindful if something needs to be addressed, and we will get things squared away for you.

Why could there be data discrepancies?

A common issue you might find with your contacts' Wealth Insights data is incorrect or incomplete information. The contact data could be outdated within DonorsSearch. So this could mean that DonorSearch was not catching something like a recent board membership or recent changes to business or real estate data. Rest assured, however, that DonorSearch is continually updating all of their internal data sets.

Another common reason for this is due to incorrect or incomplete address information. In some scenarios, certain contacts have addresses listed on their Kindful profiles that are owned by a different entity (e.g. a relative or a trust).

When DonorSearch processes a profile, they will use the client-supplied address (e.g. the Kindful profile) as the contact's lookup address, as long as there is a close enough match to the record (in this case it could be the same last name). This could lead to a property and correlating wealth score that is linked to a separate contact than that of the intended contact record in Kindful.
The way contact profile names are entered can impact Wealth Insights data. For example, you create a singular contact record for a spousal unit (referred to as A and B). Our recommendation for best results is to have each of the contacts' names in their correct fields (use the First Name for the primary contact of the spousal unit and then use the Spouse Name on the profile for the secondary contact as opposed to setting up the profile's First Name field with both names). In Kindful, you should populate the formal and informal letter name fields if desiring to address both of the contacts on communications. If both first names are stored in the First Name on the Kindful profile, that will have a negative impact on the results in DonorSearch. Here is an example of the best way to setup contacts like this for best Wealth Insights results.
   Screen_Shot_2019-03-27_at_9.44.10_AM.png  Screen_Shot_2019-03-27_at_9.44.23_AM.png
In these cases, DonorSearch can mark the real estate listing as incorrect, and that will change and correct the giving capacity rating for the contact.

How fast does the data load into Kindful after I sign up for the service?

When the service is added to your subscription and activated, Kindful goes to work to connect with DonorSearch to populate your contacts with information. We will begin loading the information into your profiles as soon as we retrieve the matches.

We recommend waiting until the following morning to view completed results. For example, if the service is activated on a Monday, we recommend waiting until Tuesday morning for a full verification. It is good to note that there can always be a few items that take longer than this, but our testing and experience has shown this to be ample time to have profiles updated.

How soon does a newly added contact to the Kindful database become eligible for wealth screening?

The process may take up to 24 hours before a contact is available for wealth screening.

How often does the Wealth Insights data refresh?

Kindful will run a job every nightly that checks for new information on contacts that have no data that were previously not found in the Wealth Insights screening. We refresh all wealth data when that happens, both the detailed data and the lower-level data. For contacts who already have a Wealth Insights match, we will run checks on those contacts every three (3) months. The date of update will only show as such if there is new information coming from DonorSearch. If there is no new information, an Admin user won't see that date update. If we find a bad match or no match of the profile data and the contact's address changes, we will try again.

How come I cannot find a specific gift on a contact's profile?

When you are looking a particular contact record and are not able to find a specific gift, it can be one of three reasons.

The first option is that the donor chose to make the gift anonymously.

Another possibility is that the donor gave to an organization that does not publicly publish a donor list or annual report; in this case, the wealth data would not be accessible.

The third reason would be that an annual report from the organization that received the gift has not been found or made available yet.

DonorSearch Doesn't Seem To Have the Right Information 

Not all data sets are perfect, and though the DonorSearch charitable giving database is the largest in existence, it certainly doesn't have every gift ever made. If a charitable gift has been made but DonorSearch can't find it, it could be because they gave anonymously, or to an organization that doesn't produce an annual report or public donor honor roll. It could also be that the gift is listed somewhere on an annual report but their data team hasn't found that report yet. Sometimes the real estate database doesn't have a record on a particular property too- though more often than not we aren't matching to a real estate value because in their database it is owned by a different person, or it's a unit in a larger complex, or maybe even rented and not owned.

DonorSearch Seems To Have the Right Information, but It Isn't Matching

DonorSearch's matching logic is what sets us apart from all the other prospect research vendors, but it's important to understand how it works in order to determine if the matching logic is restricting your search. We look at three things: The name and identifiers within the name (middle initials, spouses names, etc.), the geographic location as it compares to the home address, and the commonality of the name itself. To that point, something as small as a middle initial being included in the search can make the difference as to whether or not we are confident we found the right "John Smith". If the individual lives in Maryland but gives to an organization based in California, DonorSearch's matching logic would have a tough time feeling confident that it was a different person living out in California with the same name making those gifts. Even with strong matches to names and locations, there are names that are so common in highly populated areas that they aren't able to be confident about much more than their real estate values.

How does our nonprofit get access to Wealth Insights?

To get Wealth Insights set up on your Kindful account, all you need to do is reach out to us directly! Let us know you're interested in learning more by clicking here.

How does DonorSearch handle nicknames vs. legal names?

DonorSearch can actually use nicknames as part of the matching logic. Each time you search for a name, DonorSearch will also include matches to the two most common nicknames associated with that name. As an example, if your real name is Andrew and if you looked up “Andrew Smith”, the system is actually going to look up Andrew, Andy, and Drew and treat each of them as a first name match. Coupled with a match to a last name and middle initial, it would be marked as high quality and presented in Wealth Insights. 

The only potential issue with nicknames is when someone goes by an initial, like “J.J. Watt”. If we have the first name as being “J.” then DonorSearch won’t be able to nail down which actual first name to use (since it could be anything beginning with the letter). In that case, DonorSearch would just look for matches to gifts under first name “J” without nicknames.

Why are my organization records not being screened for Wealth Insights?

One major criterion for scanning Wealth on a Contact is the person’s home address and thus their real estate portfolio value. That is a hard thing to understand for a business as most would lease their space. 

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