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Use profiles to store constituent data, attach a file, view individual gift transaction history (Recent Activities), update a name spelled incorrectly, update addresses, add email addresses, phone numbers, spouse information, custom fields, an audit trail, and more. Read on to see all of the things you can do.


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Overview Tab


The Overview tab, the default selection when entering a contact profile, is a bird’s eye view of your contact, including your donor’s lifecycle analytics. You can now see things like Retention and Upgrade information based on your donor's giving patterns. If a donor is not Upgraded, the far right block will be highlighted in grey.


Similar to what your organization's Dashboard offers for your donor base as a whole, a contact profile gives you analytics about the donor’s lifecycle for an individual contact. Here’s how Kindful is populating each of these analytics:


  • Lifetime contribution: The total dollar amount that a contact has given in the form of transactions, non-cash gifts, and soft credits.
  • Lifetime Household Transactions: The total dollar amount of the transactions that the contact’s entire household has made. If this contact is in a household relationship with other contacts, "Lifetime Household Transactions" includes transactions made by all household members.


  • Contact Added to Kindful: The date the contact was first added to Kindful, either by an import, via an integration, or by adding them manually. During a contact merge, the oldest join date is preserved here.
  • First Contribution: The dollar amount and date of the first transaction, non-cash gift, or soft credit made by a contact.


  • Contributions in the Last 12 Months: The total dollar amount of the contact’s transactions, non-cash gifts, or soft credits over the last 12 calendar months, plus the count of those contributions.
  • Most Recent Contribution: The dollar amount and date of the most recent transaction, non-cash gift, or soft credit.


  • If a contact has upgraded, it means their total transactions, non-cash gifts, and soft credits for the last 12 calendar months add up to more than in the 12-month period previous to that.

Transactions Year Over Year

  • This graph gives you a quick comparison of how a contact’s total transactions have changed in the past 3 years. This graph targets the calendar year, and is specifically using transactions, rather than contributions, when calculating year over year statistics.

Hone in on Contribution highlights from This Fiscal Year, Last Fiscal Year, and Lifetime.

You will notice as you scroll down the profile familiar sections, along with some new and enhanced ones. Tasks are now front and center along with a Campaigns Supported widget block.

Of Note: Kindful will present a list of Recent Activity, which is the most recent handful of activities associated with the contact. To view all of these Activities associated with a contact, click the View All link in the section.



Profile Tab


The Profile tab will allow you to add, edit, or update all of the contact fields you want to track from name to email address to mailing address and more. Kindful supports tracking one address per contact. If you wish to add multiple addresses to contacts, we suggest doing so by using Contact Custom Fields.

Additionally, all Communication Preferences, Relationships, Groups, Notes, Files and more can be managed here. The navigation bar moves logically from the right-hand side of the page to the left-hand side.

Use the Personal and Contact Info sections to update the name and address information of the contact, add or edit contact custom fields, mark a contact as Deceased or Archived, and convert a contact to an Organization or a Person. Use the Contact Info section to add things like email addresses. You can enter in two email addresses for a single contact by using the Email field and the Alternate Email field. 

Of Note: Only the Email field will sync with Mailchimp or Constant Contact. If you integrate with Emma for email marketing, we can sync the alternate email address.

Screen_Shot_2019-03-14_at_11.02.59_AM.png .   Screen_Shot_2019-03-14_at_11.03.26_AM.png

While you are moving through profiles making changes, Kindful will let you know that the changes you are making need to be saved.

Easily update a contact's communication Preferences by clicking a box and setting preferred methods from a dropdown selector.


Viewing, adding, and updating Related Contacts, Groups, Notes, and Files* is easy now with simple + buttons as well as enhanced views of existing selections.



*When Adding a file to a contact profile, you now have the ability to name the file. The name of the file will display below the File Type selected. If you have multiple file types that are the same general type, we recommend choosing Other and labeling your files appropriately and individually. See an example in the image below of the Photo's file name.


If you have Wealth Insights enabled on your account, you will see it in the Profile list view.


Convert a Contact from a Person into an Organization (or an Organization into a Person at the bottom of the Profile page within the Contact record).


Of Note: To convert an Organization record to a Person record, we advice the Name field to contain more than one word. For example, if you have a record named "Kindful" and you attempt to convert it to a Person record, you will have a person record with a First Name of Kindful and a blank Last Name.

Payment Info Tab


The Payment Info tab will allow you to update and manage everything in relation to the Contributions coming into your Kindful account. Add and manage new Payment MethodsRecurring Transactions, and PledgesWhen a donor gives to your organization using one of Kindful’s online giving tools, the credit/debit card or bank account they used for giving is automatically stored as a payment method. Note the Charge button on a Contact profile now lives within its corresponding payment method block.

   Screen_Shot_2019-03-14_at_11.39.01_AM.png  Screen_Shot_2019-03-14_at_11.36.55_AM.pngScreen_Shot_2019-03-14_at_11.37.05_AM.png

We have simplified the management of recurring transactions. Changing the assigned billing profile for a recurring transaction is now tied to the specific recurrence as opposed to the billing profile.

History Tab


Review changes made to your contacts on the History page. You can view who (or what integration) made the change, what field was updated, a time stamp, and you can Expand the details on the right-hand side of the page to view exactly what changed.


Creating Individual Donor Reports

The simplest way to create a report for a single donor is to start on their contact profile. From there, locate the "Activity" section near the bottom of the page and choose "View All". This is now showing data filtered for just that contact's activity history.

You can then choose the "Create Report" button on the far right and select any of the data you would like to see for this donor's activity. 

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