Updated Contact Profiles vs. Old Contact Profiles

In early 2019, Kindful updated Contact Profiles. From a visually appealing update including easy-to-use tabs and high-level contribution overviews to more streamlined workflows, Kindful's updated and mobile-optimized Contact Profiles are designed to help you stay on top of donor relations on-the-go, save you time, and keep relationships organized. 

We wanted to create a more useful space for nonprofits to manage donors easier and design it in a way that accepts expansion later, which supports our constant product evolution. 

We went with a style approach that uses less color. Simply put, if everyone is screaming you can’t hear anything. To make sure the affordances for action are clear, they need to pop in singularity across the page. 


This article contains GIFs showcasing the updated features of an Updated Contact Profile vs. Old Contact Profile. Scroll through the media files below to see the enhancements broken down by the four new profile sections.

In the GIFs below, the Updated Contact Profiles are on the left and Old Contact Profiles are on the right.

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The Overview tab, the default selection when entering a contact profile, is a bird’s eye view of your contact, including your donor’s lifecycle analytics. You can now see things like Retention and Upgrade information based on your donor's giving patterns. If a donor is not Upgraded, the far right block will be highlighted in grey.



The Profile tab will allow you to update all of the contact fields you want to track from name to email address to mailing address and more. Additionally, all Communication Preferences, Relationships, Groups, Notes, Files and more can be managed here. The navigation bar moves logically from the right-hand side of the page to the left-hand side.

Use the Personal and Contact Info sections to update the name and address information of the contact, add or edit contact custom fields, mark a contact as Deceased or Archived, and convert a contact to an Organization or a Person.

"Payment Info"

The Payment Info tab will allow you to update and manage everything in relation to the Contributions coming into your Kindful account. Add and manage new Payment MethodsRecurring Transactions, and PledgesWhen a donor gives to your organization using one of Kindful’s online giving tools, the credit/debit card or bank account they used for giving is automatically stored as a payment method. Note the Charge button on a Contact profile now lives within its corresponding payment method block within this tab.


Review changes made to your contacts on the History page. You can view who (or what integration) made the change, what field was updated, a time stamp, and you can Expand the details on the right-hand side of the page to view exactly what changed.    


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